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Pixelmon News - Nations Winners, Voting, Events & more!

━ Nations Contest Winners ━

First off, I wanted to start off with wow, we love the builds that everyone was able to create for this contest! Seeing these nations grow from dirt shacks to prospering towns, kingdoms and villages over the span of the last month was fun to watch. After much deliberation between the management team, we have finally come to a decision on the winners of the build contest! To determine the winners we graded based of an internal score, looking at the nations theme, amenities, quality, layout, cool factor, recruitment, community and overall size.

Based off of these factors we decided the winners as follows:

🥇 1st Place - Mindless by Tycho2000NL 🥇
Just wow. Mindless had it all. All of their buildings were in theme, from the various houses, to the town market, the blacksmith, the lords castle, the natural wall and more! Rather than adapting the landscape for their builds, they simply built around the landscape! The quality of the builds were amazing and we could tell by the various houses and buildings that they had a lot to offer to their numerous members.

🥈2nd Place - Polestar by Trodx2000 🥈
The sheer size of Polestar was impressive. The giant wall that was being resurrected around their kingdom gave it a very medieval feel and helped show what was a part of the town. The builds were awesome and you can tell they have big plans for the future.

🥉3rd Place - Storybrooke by RivaHakushia 🥉
Storybrooke gave a very cozy feeling. Each of its many buildings were different both on the inside and out. We were floored by the detail put into the interior design of each building and enjoyed looking through the various decorative builds that were mixed in with the functional builds.

We really did struggle choosing the positions as they were all just so good. A few of the runner-up's include:
  • Cartel by StarTheft - We loved the change of scenery! Everyone always builds in forests, so seeing a desert and the unique style there was very creative!
  • Skoda by Skoda - We enjoyed the art when we got to the town and had a good laugh. Watty enjoyed finding out that he had a home there if he needed one.
  • Rebirth by 4baseball2 - The Asian style was awesome. We really enjoyed the landscaping that was done around the town, gave the town a feel that it was supposed to be there.
  • Mingle by Minism - We loved the cool factor here! Everywhere we walked we felt like we were suddenly happening upon little Easter eggs and hideouts, never knew what we were going to find next.
  • Ascensia by SharpRyo - We were very impressed with the layout and structure of the town. We appreciated that the town was not all built on the same Y level and the attention to detail in the staircase was fantastic!
  • Maristan by DartPokeMM - We enjoyed the layout and organization of the town! It's good to see players putting different tasks in different buildings instead of cramming everything into one.

Congratulations again to the winners! Prizes will be distributed within the next 48 hours either automatically if you want in-game items or via discord private message if you won a coupon/voucher, so keep an eye out for that.

Since we enjoyed seeing the individual communities come together everyday to work on expanding their town we've decided that one contest simply isn't enough! From here on out town build contests will be a rolling server event. Every month on the first we will take a snapshot of the current map and judge the active towns if they choose to enter, with varying prizes each month. Keep an eye out for more information on that in the coming days!

━ Town Registrar ━


With the change from Nations to GriefDefender, it has become harder for players to see who owns what town, find out who is recruiting and come take a look at your wonderful builds! Due to this, the Town Registrar has setup shop in Nodenia! The Registrar keeps track of what towns are currently public and looking to recruit new players. If you are a town mayor and would like to be entered in the Town Registrar's Registry head over to discord and submit a ticket. To find the Registrar go to /spawn and head to your left to check him out. We look forward to continuing to find new ways to help towns grow as the server grows! If you want more info on how to make your own town, just ask a Helper in-game.

━ January Top Voters ━


Thank you to everyone who logs in everyday to play on the server and a special thank you to those of you that go above and beyond and vote for us each day! Voting helps our community grow and reach the eyes of new perspective players so do it every day if you can! We are going to start a new incentive for voting, starting with the top voters of January. The top 3 voters at the end of each month will earn a $25 Gift card that can be used on our webstore! Congrats to the following players for winning this month:

━ Events ━


We now have a dedicated thread on the forums for any event suggestions. Recreate some fan favorites from the past, or equally something new, let's see how creative we can get! There is a template in the thread below, explaining how to structure your event idea. We'll consider each post as a potential event on the server! After all, who doesn't love events!

For more info on submitting event ideas check out https://www.thenodemc.com/eventsubmissions/


Other new features introduced in this update include the following:
  • New GUI for /pwiki - Shows all available info about the pokemon in-game.
  • Introduced https://www.thenodemc.com/guides/ for players to submit guides/tutorials to help other players.
  • Rewards crate has been overhauled to better match the contents of the Vote Crate.
  • Reassembly Units and Anvils have been fixed and re-implemented.
We hope the new website has been treating you well. Feel free to register an account and start striking up some conversations if you haven't already! Thanks for your continuing support of The Node ❤️.

- TheNodeMC Staff Team

Pixelmon TheNodeMC Content Update V 1.0

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Pixelmon News: Spawn, Quests, Tokens, Drifter & more!

Spawn ━

Congratulations heroes, you saved the Kingdom of Nodenia! As a show of gratitude, the citizens you saved have offered you their home to use as a base of operations as you continue on your journey. Spawn has been replaced with the rather large Kingdom and boasts a ton of new amenities. Head to the town square to speak to a wide range of citizens who provide easy access to all the features our server has to offer. If you are in the mood to do some shopping head down to the market and browse the new and improved player shops and browse their wares! Or if you are in need to summon a few mythical beasts head down to the docks to hitch a ride to one of the local shrine islands.



Quests have come to TheNodeMC! Currently you have access to a rotating set of quests each day known as Daily Quests. Every night at midnight EST these quests will reroll, so be sure to get them done before then to claim your rewards.

Sometime within the next few weeks tiered quests will also be introduced on the server. Earn many unique rewards as you progress through different sets of quests by completing fun tasks.

Token Shop


Along with the new spawn, the Token Peddler has made his services available to you! Earn tokens through voting then spend them on luxurious goods, ranging from Pokemon modifiers, boosters, prefixes and more.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for fun new ways to earn even more tokens. If you have any suggestions for how we should implement more tokens then let us know down below!

The Drifter
The Drifter has setup in the town square! With him arriving there have been some changes made to dimension access. Now, any player can visit him to purchase a dimension pass to the various other worlds on the server.


Nether Pass - 1 Hour Time Limit - $8,000 - [Novice] rank and up pay $0 for their passes!

End Pass - 1 Hour Time Limit - $12,000 - [Prodigy] rank and up pay $0 for their passes

Ultra Pass - 1 Hour Time Limit - $20,000 - [Baron] rank and up pay $0 for their passes!



A new mystical item known as shards has begun to show up around the Kingdom. Complete various activities, find unique loot crates and participate in special events to begin to stockpile your shards. Once you have enough of a specific shard, head to the town square and speak to the Shard Keeper to transform your shards into Pokemon. Shard prices are based on the tier of the Pokemon and are not currently transferrable/upgradeable.

Keep an eye out for future updates that will introduce fun new ways to earn additional shards. If you have any suggestions for where we should implement more ways to earn shards let us know down below!


Other new features introduced in this update include the following:
  • New GUIs for ranks, kits, protection help, Pokedex Rewards, VoteParty, economy info and warps.
  • An overhauled server shop with the introduction of many new buyable items.
  • Community Chests have been added at spawn, give back to the new ones :)
  • A Move Relearner has made his home in the town square.
  • Players can now unlock backpacks to store even more goods.
As you may have noticed, we also have a new website, forums and webstore design. Feel free to register an account and start striking up some conversations!

- TheNodeMC Staff Team

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