The Harvest Festival - Farmer Sam's Bounty

The Harvest Festival - Farmer Sam's Bounty

It's time to give Thanks, for the Harvest Festival has arrived in Nodenia! 🦃

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Harvest Festival Sale Sale ends Monday November 27th at 12:00am EST! Get 20% off everything in our store! Also, be sure to claim your 1x FREE 🍂 Harvest Crate Key!

Bonus Sale Offer: Spend $20 or more in a single purchase to unlock EXCLUSIVE cosmetics:

  • 1x 🍄 Badge Scroll
  • 1x Turkey Pilgrim Hat Cosmetic Token
  • 1x Pumpkin Pie Balloon Cosmetic Token

Farmer Sam's Bounty
Help Farmer Sam prepare this years bounty! Visit him at King's Court, just outside the castle to begin checking off those tasks, and he'll reward with one of 12 possible rewards for each task completed. Rewards can only be obtained once, preventing duplicates ensuring that if you've completed every task you'll receive every reward possible!

Autumn Collection
Pokémon have been stealing Farmer Sam's crops! Help him collect them all by defeating Pokémon to complete the Harvest Festival /collection page! Checking off each collection item will reward you with some bonus Pokécoins, and completing the whole collection before the event ends will also reward you with some bonus goodies including an event-exclusive Inscription!

A preview of the Autumn Crop Collection

MIKEA Seasonal Collection: Retro Harvest
MIKEA's Seasonal Showroom has opened once again with a brand new collection of limited-time Harvest-themed furniture, foods, and decorations! I would say these aren't your grandmas decorations, but with it being a time of year to celebrate with family, some of these items just might actually be your grandmas furniture, with some retro-themed offerings! The Seasonal Showroom will close when the event ends, so make sure you buy any Event decorations you may want now, or you may have to wait until next year! /warp mikea

Prepare your own bountiful harvest table full of food with decorations from MIKEA!

New Tool Skin Set: Harvest Tools
Collect all Harvest Tool Skins and complete your set before the event ends! Skins can be obtained from Skin Caches, which you can get from completing Farmer Sam's Tasks or from the Harvest Crate. Oh, and these new skins also support Pixelmon Hammers, Fishing Rods, Shields, Bows, and Crossbows! Check them all out with /skins!

Harvest Skins even support Pixelmon Hammers, Fishing Rods, Shields, Bows, and Crossbows!

New Palette Set: Autumn Pokémon
The Texture Codex has been updated to include our new Autumn Pokémon palette set! Check it out at /warp heal or use /textures on-the-go!

All Autumn-Palette Pokémon can be previewed at the Texture Codex!

Limited-Time Autumn Pokémon Spawns
From now until the end of the event, wild Autumn Pokémon will spawn alongside their normal palettes! Get out there and hunt for Autumn versions of Altaria, Feebas, Lombre, Lotad, Misdreavus, Munna, Musharna, Scatterbug, Spewpa, Starmie, Staryu, Swablu, and Vivillon!

Limited-Time Voting Reward
From now until the end of the event, you have a chance to receive 1x BONUS 🍂 Harvest Key from voting! Make sure you vote for us every day and get your extra free key!

Happy Harvest, and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TheNodeMC! We thank you all for your continued support over the years, we couldn't hold events like this without you ❤️

We hope you enjoy these new updates and changes to the world of Nodenia. We look forward to seeing you ingame!