Nightmare in Nodenia - Grim's Demands, Custom Fishing, Spirit Pokemon, & more!

Nightmare in Nodenia - Grim's Demands, Custom Fishing, Spirit Pokemon, & more!
Grim is dying to meet with you...

BOO! 👻Did I scare you? It's our favorite time of year, and we have a BIG UPDATE for you all today- Nightmare in Nodenia! Put on those reading glasses and let's get started.

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New Story Cinematic

Nodenia is in need of assistance, and the King has sent Ollie to beckon you! He'll tell you what to do once you login to begin your journey!

Grim's Demands

A ghoulish being has arrived in Nodenia and has threatened to destroy the Kingdom- unless you can meet his demands, of course. Visit him at King's Court, just outside the castle to begin checking off those tasks, and he'll reward you with one of 12 possible rewards for each task completed. Rewards can only be obtained once, preventing duplicates ensuring that if you've completed every task you'll receive every reward possible!

Grim's Demands and Rewards GUI Preview


Badges are a brand-new feature to spice up your chat messages even more, appearing before your Title/prefix! Badges are unlocked using Badge Scrolls, and are selected with /badges. There are two available from this event, so make sure you unlock them both before its too late!

An example of how the Pumpkin Badge would appear in-game

Custom Fishing

Dust off those fishing rods- There are 56 new types of fish to collect! These fish can be sold to the Dockmaster in Nodenia. Watch out though- there are some ghoulish creatures in the water which can put up a good fight so be prepared. All fish can be sold to the Dockmaster at /fish for some extra cash!

The Dockmaster and some Custom Fish


Obtain one of every type of collectible to complete a /collection page! There are two collections at launch: The Fish Collection and the Spectral Fish Collection. Checking off each collection item will reward you with some bonus Pokécoins! Completing the Spectral Fish Collection before the event ends will also reward you with some bonus goodies including an event-exclusive Inscription and a Haunted Skin Cache!

A preview of the Spectral Fish Collection

Summoning Stones & Spirit Pokémon

Summoning Stones are magical stones which can be used to summon special entities! Summoning Stones obtained using the event-exclusive Spirit Caller Inscription obtained from completing the Spectral Fish Collection during the event will summon a random Spirit-Form Pokémon. Gilded Summoning Stones will summon a random Legendary Spirit-Form Pokémon, and can be obtained from [REDACTED- we can't just tell you everything. Get out there and look for them!]


MIKEA is Nodenia's newest furniture store! MIKEA's furniture selection will automatically rotate every day at midnight EST with a new randomized selection of furniture to purchase! There are over 375 different pieces of furniture available, allowing you to decorate your builds in a wide variety of styles! The upstairs Seasonal Showroom is also filled with 38 additional limited-time seasonal Halloween furniture items and decorations but will close when the event ends, so make sure you buy any decorations you may want now, or you may have to wait until next Halloween!

A preview of MIKEA's randomly rotating furniture selection

Tool Skins

Introducing Skins! Skins are swappable textures you can apply to your tools! We've added the Haunted Skin Set and the Barebones Skin Set- Check them out with /skins! Skinned items will lose their skin if obtained by another player, so beware that you cant skin other players' tools unless they've unlocked the same skin.

Applying a Skin to a Netherite Pickaxe

Limited-Time Voting Rewards

From now until the end of the event Haunted Skin Caches have been added to the voting reward pool! You can obtain up to a maximum of 3. Make sure you complete your full Haunted Skin tool set before the event ends!

Cosmetic Tokens

Seamstress Blossom now accepts Cosmetic Tokens! If you find one, just speak to her and she'll unlock the matching cosmetic for you! Or if you have duplicates, you can trade them away to other players!

Trading in a Pumpkin Pail Cosmetic Token

Texture Codex

Nodenia's scientists have been hard at work at the PokeCenter and have built a new hologram machine that allows you to preview special forms of Pokémon! Use it to view all obtainable Custom Palette Pokémon including this events Haunted Pokémon! Check it out at /warp heal or use /textures!

A Haunted Eevee being previewed on the Texture Codex

Limited-Time Haunted Pokémon Spawns

From now until the end of the event, wild Haunted Pokémon will spawn alongside their normal palettes! Get out there and hunt for Haunted versions of Wobbuffet, Glameow, Purugly, Mismagius (Unevolvable), Spiritomb, Gligar, Gliscor, Banette, Chimecho, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, Cacnea, Cacturne, Drifloon, and Drifblim!

All Haunted-Palette Pokémon can be previewed at the Texture Codex!

We hope you enjoy these new updates and changes to the world of Nodenia. We look forward to seeing you ingame!