Path of the Gods - Shrines, Move Tutor & Bounties

Path of the Gods - Shrines, Move Tutor & Bounties

Hello citizens of Nodenia! We are pleased to announce information about our first major update since the server reset! Let's take a look!

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New Location: The Pantheon

This structure built on sacred grounds is dedicated to numerous Gods and mythical legends, and even includes some rare collected treasures with mysterious properties that are said to be able to transform some Pokemon! To reach The Pantheon, simply cross The Path of the Gods(the bridge) to the south-western-most island of Nodenia. (If you dont know which way that is, its the bridge closest to the Auction House- or, just use /warp pantheon or /warp shrines)

New Feature: Resettable Shrines

Pay to reset the Timespace Altar, Arc Chalice, Frozen Shrine, Static Shrine, Fiery Shrine, or Ilex Shrine and use those treasures you've collected to summon some legendaries! There is also a Scroll of Darkness, Scroll of Waters, Moss Rock, and Ice Rock available for use entirely free for special evolving conditions!

A screenshot of the shrine reset menu ingame

The Move Tutor Terminal

Professor Watters has arrived in Nodenia, and has provided access to his highly advanced machines! Complete his bounties to earn Type Essence, which can be spent to train your Pokemon with any (compatible) move you desire! The Move Tutor Terminal functions as both a Move Tutor and a Relearner all in one! To get started, visit The Lab just behind the Treasury. (From now until the PWC Tournament, Professor Watters' bounties are on a special reduced cooldown! Make sure you grind out that Essence before this deal runs out!)

A screenshot of the move tutor terminal ingame

A Challenge is Afoot...

Rumors have begun circulating around Nodenia about preparations being underway for a festival of sorts. I wonder what that's all about...

We hope you enjoy these new updates and changes to the world of Nodenia. We look forward to seeing you ingame!