Re-appealing my unban on the discord

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Hello again,

I am re-appealing my unban for the discord. I feel as though I acted wrongly earlier, and that I was very impatient - I am very sorry for how I acted. I have thought about my actions and the things I said, and I take them all back. I was in the wrong. I should've waited for you, but the excitement of progressing on the server overwhelmed me. I am truly sorry. If you deny my appeal, I understand, and I will still play on your server. I have read through the rules like I was asked to, I fully understand them all, and understand that I broke one within a very short time of me playing the server. I don't plan on ever breaking any of the server rules again. I used to love this server, and after playing it today I can tell that I still do. I would love to be able to play along side everyone else and progress along with them. Like I said, if this appeal gets denied, I fully understand. Thank you for your time, and I am sorry for my actions, once again.



You have been unbanned from the discord. Please be aware if you are given another ban in the future, you will not be able to appeal again.
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