Wilson is back!


Hello everyone! I'm Wilson, I used to be staff here, and am coming back after a little while. I missed the server, and everyone on it. I'm a nice guy, and ready to get to know all the new people, and talk to everyone I used to back in the day. I'm glad to see the server is still thriving with people. I'm willing to help with whatever I can help with (Stuff on server, or computer issues feel free to ask.) A little about me, I'm a pretty avid gamer, play a lot of different games always willing to play with anyone, just send me a message, I play a lot of RPG's/MMOS. I had a daughter in 2019, and have a son on the way in July of this year. A week after my daughter's birthday. I'm a very laid back person, but I don't like people being mean towards other people for no reason, unless is as a joke and nothing truly harsh is said, and other person is okay with it. Feel free to message me, and get to know me.