Accepted A new form of Party Chat, Nation Chat, Chat Channels etc.

This suggestion was accepted and has been implemented on the server.


With the server growing at the steady pace that it is, the general chat channel is slowly going to get more and more hectic with people having their own conversations, and doing different things amongst people on the server.

I'll get somewhat right to the point and give my ideas to help fix this issue, as well as implement a new form of the old Nations chat that we had before.

1. My first idea would be to make use of the current UltimateChat plugin. While I am not familiar with this plugin. Giving either high ranking player, or nation / Group leaders the ability to create a chat channel (either to use for nations & groups, or simply as a perk for progressing through the ranks / purchasing a rank on the shop). This could create new smaller channels where people could go to talk if they just want to talk amongst a smaller group, and don't want to say things publicly / clutter up a public chat channel.

2. My second solution to this issue Would be to implement a party chat plugin feature. This would give either all players, or only players with a specific rank, the ability to create parties and invite friends to them to talk amongst each other. I think this would be less preferred to a chat channel, being as chat channels could be used for events as well as player shops and many other things, however the ability for anyone to create a party could be preferred as it will not be locked behind a "rank-gate" of some sort.

3. My last solution would be to simply re-enable a nations / guild / town plugin so that players can create their permanent groups. This would also include another chat channel / nations chat, etc. But this would also include the features from before. I say this as my last suggestion as I know this would likely be a very large addition, would not be favored by many players and owners alike, and would likely mess with the current claims / current features. Nevertheless it was an idea that I had that I believe could fix the issue, so I wanted to include it as well.

Overall, I believe that the best form of solution to this problem would be some sort of chat channels that players could create, given they are at a certain rank. Be this through the current UltimateChat plugin or through a new chat channels plugin, I believe this would give players another push to rankup / buy a rank, as well as can be included in many other aspects of the server, such as events, shops, and many future new activities :)

If you've read this far thank you for reading, I felt this would be a good first suggestion to suggest on the new forums, and it is something new that I believe hasn't been brought up recently with the usual things that players will mention / suggest. Let me know what you think / if you think any of my suggestions are wrong / how they could be improved. Anything is appreciated, thanks!



GriefDefender has an in-built /townchat, which allows chatting with all members of a Town Claim, but from what I've heard this isn't functioning correctly and will need to be looked into fixing


A new Friends and Party feature has been added to the network :)
- /friends to add friends, see what server they are on, receive notifications when they come online, or message them across servers
- /party to create or join a party, allowing you to use Party Chat (/p <msg>) (also across servers!)