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As an Australian, I am often on at times that a lot of other players are not. I do not get to interact with a lot of the playerbase - and players with different timezones would also experience this. Because one of the biggest ways to make money or advance further in the server is to trade with others, I think it would be extremely helpful to introduce a new channel in the Discord titled "#Trading-Centre" or something similar where players can post items they are selling, trading or looking to buy/trade for.

This would really help the unnecessary amount of reposts that happen in the chat, with some people reposting "Selling x good", or "Buying x good" multiple times in the span of an hour or two. Sometimes their items are not sold because they simply do not reach players that are looking for that item or Pokemon. It can also aid their chat-advertisements in reaching more players who can then show interest. If a #trading-centre channel is added, it will assist players by letting them know if anyone is interested in a specific item or Pokemon - instead of having to wait to interact with them in-game. On top of this, it'll also help out a lot more if the GTS goes down in future updates. It would allow players to still advertise what they are selling or trading and make money. I really think it would help out players who are in different timezones or can't get on much, and be a channel that is used frequently by players. It'll help create a stable baseline for pricings of sold/traded goods, with a permanent log of what items or Pokemon are selling for what price. This will help reduce goods not being purchased by players if they're seen as "too expensive", as they can see what price the item has sold at previously instead of guessing based on the 6h listings of GTS.

Another potential direction would be to separate the #pixelmon-global channel from the "Social" category and add it to a "NodePixelmon" category, accompanied by #trading-centre or even a separate events channel / general channel. It could help clear up the chats and separate the SMP channels from the Pixelmon channels. Similar actions could be done for the SMP side of the server. [This is a different idea but kind of fits the theme of introducing a #trading-centre channel, but doesn't need to happen. It could just help keep the chats tidy if it, or other Pixelmon related channels, are introduced :)]

I do not see many, if any, downsides to having a channel with this feature. A slow-mode could be added or a potential opt-in to see the channel in case users are against it. It is a fairly minor addition but can really help players get the money they are looking for, or just get rid of goods and Pokemon they no longer need <3
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I would agree a Temporary channel for use Since GTS is down would be effective.. To be 100% honest I was even unaware of the forums but i could easily reference discord channels. - I just hope this can actually be justfully considered mainly due to the fact of GTS being down.. If GTS were still running I would side with the current setup.


I would like to note we already have a section on our forums for this!
I have talked to a few of the members about this - and we all had no idea that was a thing!
I do not believe it is as public as it could be in order for people to actually take notice and use it, and also think it could still be super beneficial as users are encouraged to join the Discord all throughout their playtime. It is an overall just a quality of life thing that is very accessible to most users & more convenient to find than the forums post which is a little hidden under other categories!


All very valid points, as it stands however we anticipate the GTS to be rectified very soon by the Pixelmon Developers once the new update (8.3.2) where there are a few versions of GTS kicking around so we need to sift through those to find the most appropriate version to utilize. I don't anticipate that we will be waiting long for this.