Sass's Fav


There is a few changes I would make to this, although a neat suggestion. Firstly, the method of obtaining suggested (where he just gives it as he pleases,) would create favoritism, which none of the Owner/Manager tags mirror. All of those are earned with luck (such as those from the crates) or dedication/sacrifice (such as sacrificing your tokens for Brad's prefix). Thus, I would suggest some neutral way to obtain it.

Furthermore, I would personally probably change this suggestion to just requesting Admins get their own "fave prefix" instead, just as a detail. This is just so that it doesn't feel like it is isolating other future admins, but honestly not a big deal.

I don't mean to poke and prod at a lighthearted suggestion, just wanted to state some changes I would make.

And some people have wanted a Mar's Fave prefix for a while, too. Where's mine? :mad: