Accepted First Aid Skill In Tournaments (and timer)

This suggestion was accepted and has been implemented on the server.


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I discovered today that something that just entirely breaks tournaments into tiny pieces is the first aid skill (do /skills and go to battling). Reviving pokemon after a battle ends is something that should definitely be disabled during a tournament, or just removed altogether as it isn't really a very helpful skill anyway, at least in my experience - although I'm sure others may disagree. An example of when it breaks tournaments is after both people in a tournament battle have to /tournament flag, restarting the battle, reviving all the dead pokemon. All that needs to be done for this to be a broken feature is for one of the players to lead with a pokemon that has a priority move (in todays case, aqua jet). I can go into depth about how it caused the outcome of the game to change (if you haven't guessed I am talking about me vs Kreeto in the OU tournament). His lead was urshifu-rs which has aqua jet, and so it killed my torkoal and my only way of killing it was with my victini as it was the only pokemon not dead from before. But of course he gets the free chip with aqua jet before I kill his urshifu, this then caused my victini to lose 1/3 of its health, bringing it down to 1 shot range from kartana's smart strike, which is was Kreeto used to kill my victini - if the pokemons were never revived, my victini would lead against his kartana, taking the smart strike and then killing the kartana, but of course because of the first aid skill this didn't happen. If the first aid skill was disabled during tournaments, or however you want to do it, then when a tournament is flagged it would be no where near as annoying because situations like this wouldn't happen - obviously because nothing will be getting revived.

Here's another thing that would benefit tournaments, it's quite ironic really because I'm typing this while waterbubble takes ages to move, if it's possible a timer on the battles would would be great because sitting here waiting is really not fun :). So basically on showdown you get 2 minutes 30 seconds and then it like rounds or something, I'm not really sure how it works but a timer regardless of how it works would be really nice :).


All skills and XP gain have been disabled in the adminworld (Spawn) with the exception of Training (due to the existence of the Training Zone)