Bumping up the sale prices of pokemon on STS


I was thinking it might be nice for those of us who breed a lot of pokemon for IVs and such to have a bit more money back from selling pokemon to the server, for example a magikarp goes for 35 pokedollars, maybe this could be bumped up to 350 poke dollars, so when hatching eggs and such there is a bit more back from selling them if you know they wont sell so much on gts.

Personally right now I bin the pokemon cause they are worth so little to sts and probably worth less on gts. when breeding for the quest line would just be nice to get a lil bit back.


As I commented in-game, I think a good alternative is maybe doubling (or tripling at most) what is got out of STS. Based on your suggestion, with a Mav IV + HA Pokémon, STS would pay out ~1800 per Pokémon, which is flat broken. A mere double (or triple) in the value would make it be ~350 per Max IV + HA Pokémon (or ~500 for triple). I too have found selling to STS to be beyond lack-luster, and I have heard on a few occasions that people just dump Pokémon as it is less effort than getting a 100 coins for their effort.

However, something to consider is that some people have many breeders, and they will massively benefit off of any STS increase. If someone were to STS one box - 30 Pokémon - at a time, of Max IV + HA Pokémon, they would get ~10,000 per box. And this hasn't even accounted for if they're shiny or not.