Mystery Gifts


The idea is simple, much like in Pokémon games, run a Mystery Gift occasional that can be claimed with a certain period of time(for example a week). This would be good way to give usually unattainable items such as the Galarica Wreath and Max Soup. For upcoming tournaments the Mystery Gifts can include battle items such as vitamins (mostly pp ups), held items and bottle caps. This can also be used to give give money, gems, tokens, battle points and SP (whenever that comes out). Also I feel like the mystery gift would be a good way to give keys for the event crates (i.e. anniversary, valentine and lucky keys). This also a good way for staff to give out their favorite shiny Pokémon as well as give new special forms Pokémon from the upcoming eggs.


As a note, there are a couple ways to obtain Max Soup, and I'm fairly certain the Galarica Wreath is at least available in the Battle Tower point shop alongside the Soup. Their value is in their rarity, and for Max Soup, there aren't a lot of places or situations that allow you to make good use of the Max Soup (or really, Dynamaxing in general), unfortunately.

I like the idea for Gems, and depending on how they are obtained, SP, to be included. Gems you can only get from limited sources, and cannot be earned very easily. BP and Money are effectively unlimited. BP can be earned from battling the trainers in the Battle Tower, which as long as you can defeat even one trainer, means you can slowly earn BP. Money is far easier to come by (though I don't deny that having more ways to make money is nice - though I'd wish it to be more consistent), such as KOing trainers, /sts, /gts, selling to /warp shop, etc.

Lastly, adding onto the final idea, it may be a neat idea for there to sometimes be a Pokemon with a move you would normally have to buy from the Move Tutor to be in the Mystery Gift, or perhaps even a Pokemon with a move that it typically shouldn't know.

Overall a neat and intriguing idea!


Also on another note, the Mystery Gifts could be a good way to introduce some things, such as when Raids are available again by give a Raid Boss Egg