Tournament Announcement (May 23rd 2021)

Hiya Everyone!!

This is the forum post indicating the rules in the next tournament. Any pokemon, move, ability or item that is not listed below in the ban list section, is eligible for the next tournament. This list is only accurate for the pokemon within 8.1.2. Any pokemon in 8.2 will not be eligible for the tournament.

I LOVED the variety and creativity within the last tournament, especially with the limited selection, so we're going to try another tournament in a similar fashion. The theme/ format of the next tournament is Monotype Fighting 😮

This means that every pokemon in your team must be fighting typing. You can have dual type pokemon, as long as one of the types are fighting.

(Fighting) - Allowed
Gallade (Psychic/Fighting) - Allowed
Skarmory (Steel/ Flying) - Disallowed

When: Sunday May 23, 2021 at 3:00PM EST (Click me to see your timezone!)

1st Place:
$100 Paypal, A Special prefix and kit only available to tournament winners.
2nd Place: $50 Paypal
3rd Place: $25 Paypal
(Paypal awards can also be redeemed as TheNodeMC store gift cards if you so choose.)

BONUS PRIZE: One lucky participant will be randomly selected to win a brand new, never seen, special textured pokemon.


The majority of the standard smogon clauses we'll be using, such as:
- Evasion
- Endless Battle
- Sleep
- Species
- Bag
- Dynamax

Ban List:
- Galarian Zapdos, Marshadow, Pheromosa
Move - Clangorous Soul, Baton Pass, Relic Song
Ability - Moody, Arena Trap, Shadow Tag, RKS System, Multitype
Item - Mewtwonite X, Lopunnite

You can only bring ONE of the following - Keldeo, Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion, Buzzwole

Remember, if it's not on the list above, and it meets the requirements set out by the clauses, it's fair game! Let's see how creative everyone can get with their teams!

Registration: Click me to sign up!
(Registration will close at 2:00pm EST on Sunday 23rd May)

Best of luck~

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