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  1. ConDev55


    Now that I have money, I'd buy one or two
  2. ConDev55


    NodeMC merch when
  3. ConDev55

    Master Loot Berries

    Please remove berries from master loots. That is all.
  4. ConDev55

    Accepted Legend Issues

    Where can I do this?
  5. ConDev55

    Accepted Legend Issues

    If a legend spawns and dies by fire, suffocation, or drowning within minutes without being found, I believe management should help by giving the person a second chance.
  6. ConDev55

    Accepted Legend Alert

    Maybe add an auditory alert to everyone online to a legend spawn?
  7. ConDev55

    Staff Response Optional Anonymous Reporting System

    For those who fear they will be harassed for reporting someone
  8. ConDev55

    Staff Response Boosters

    I'd like to request that there either be a command made like /booster to check if there's a booster active while in game, or to put it on the tab menu for everyone to see (real time remaining if possible).
  9. ConDev55

    Accepted Alert the person a legendary spawned on

    We all have witnessed how insanely easy it is to lose a legendary, but telling the server who it spawned on, or at least telling the person privately that it spawned on them, would be so insanely helpful and reduce the number of lost legendaries.
  10. ConDev55

    Add individual Rubies to the Reward Crate

    I previously suggested adding the Ruby Chain to the Legend Crate, and I see where that idea was flawed as it required another item to use, but how about we add the three rubies to the reward crate as a rare item.
  11. ConDev55

    Spleef Tournament Sign-Up: Pokemon Day (Feb. 27, 2021)

    I would like to participate!
  12. ConDev55

    Add the Red Chain to the Legend Crate

    Being as nearly unobtainable as it is, I think it would be fitting to bump down the rarity to a reward in the Legend Crate so that people who have the orbs required would be able to use them instead of just having them collect digital dust.