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  1. DartPokeMM

    Advanced PC Searching

    As some of you may know, PCs have the function where if you press "S" in the PC screen, you can search Pokémon by name. Well, you can expand your searches to be more specific. This can include looking for specific natures, shinies, and more. Please note that this may not be an exhaustive list of...
  2. DartPokeMM

    Claiming 102!

    Survived Claiming 101? Congratulations! Now, we will discuss Town claims and Subdivisions - claims within claims. Things can be a bit complicated, so do be afraid if you have to wipe the claim and start over - sometimes, it's necessary or just plain easier to start from scratch. This will be a...
  3. DartPokeMM

    Easier EV Feathers

    Suggestion: Somehow create an easier method to obtain the EV Feathers (Genius/Clever/Health/Muscle/Swift/Resist Feather), as some are absurdly difficult to get. If it were possible, expanding the pool/rate at which they are dropped may help with this. Description: EV Feathers are a mandatory...
  4. DartPokeMM

    A Guide to Acquiring Zygarde

    This is a collection of public knowledge and assumptions. This is all field research with the aid of the Pixelmon Wiki page. Please note that at any time, there may be changes made to this to reflect new knowledge. This Guide assumes you are aiming to get Zygarde only through the way the mod...
  5. DartPokeMM

    Claiming 101!

    So you want to know how to claim your stuff and protect it from those pesky griefers? Don't worry, GriefDefender will stop them dead in their tracks! How do you get started? Well, find where/what you want to protect! This flower looks like it could use some protection. First, we take a gold...
  6. DartPokeMM

    Accepted EV Combat Reward Command?

    Suggestion: A command for players to check the EVs of a given wild Pokémon. Description: Let players, namely competitive people later into their time on the server to use a command to tell how many EVs a wild Pokémon will reward without having to stop, open the wiki, and check. I assume a good...
  7. DartPokeMM

    Pokémon Name Game!

    Howdy! This is a classic game from way back when! The game is simple; try to name a Pokémon starting with the last letter of the name of the Pokémon from the user above you! Easy as that. As such, I shall start us off! Latios!