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    No Moke. You may not.

    No Moke. You may not.
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    Pokémon Name Game!

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    Accepted battle tower leaderboard

    Nobody likes a tattletale
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    Staff Response Introduce a new channel in the Discord for trading/selling items and Pokémon

    All very valid points, as it stands however we anticipate the GTS to be rectified very soon by the Pixelmon Developers once the new update (8.3.2) where there are a few versions of GTS kicking around so we need to sift through those to find the most appropriate version to utilize. I don't...
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    Rejected Legendary Timers

    We feel the legendary timers are at an appropriate level for all players to enjoy. For the time being, we will not be editing these values. Thank you for your continued interest in suggesting ideas to improve the Node community! -W
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    Rejected Scramble And Pop Quiz Rewards

    The frequency of the Scrambles and pop quizzes is quite high, so either we increase the rewards and decrease the frequency, or we have a higher frequency with lower rewards. Personally, I think it is fine the way it is. Thank you, however, for your suggestions to help better the Node...
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    Accepted PokeMiner Quest requirement adjustment.

    Hello, I've re-evaluated the quests and the availability (or lack of) of resources I have reduced the following quests to these new amounts: Bauxite & Silicon Now 200 (was 400) Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Crystal Now 200 (was 400) Water, Fire and leaf shards Now 100 (200) Sun Stone, Thunder...
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    Accepted Battle Tower Reward

    Reward prices have been significantly reduced. Thank you for your continued efforts and suggestions in bettering the community.
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    Accepted Shrines and Move Tutor

    Thank you for making suggestions to make the community better! -User suggestion accepted and thread closed.
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    Fishing log completion reward

    A lot of these would/ can only be manually verified. Which will be arduous/ time consuming and really not feasible.
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    Rejected Discord Channel

    We'll be sticking with the whole Pg-13 aspect. By introducing a 18+ NSFW channel only invites problems.
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    Fishing log completion reward

    I'm sure we can work something out! The original intent was to have something similar to the Dex rewards, but alas, plugin limitations. A prefix is certainly doable, however. -W P.S I have it on good authority that we may be revolutionizing the whole fishing aspect on the server. So watch...
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    Accepted Battle Tower Reward

    You make some valid points. I'll revisit this with amending the prices/rewards in mind.
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    Accepted Legend Issues

    I guess your best bet would be on their official Pixelmon Mod Discord. A simple google search will locate it.
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    Pokémon Name Game!

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    Pokémon Name Game!

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    Pokémon Name Game!

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    Staff Response Max mushrooms should be in vote crates.

    They won't be in crates for now. However, I can say they will be made available through the battle tower shop! (And Max soups)
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    I require Sustenance in the form of delicatessen goods

    I require Sustenance in the form of delicatessen goods