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  1. ThanosUndertale

    Remove Beast Balls from the Vote and Reward Crates.

    As many people know, as of the 8.2 update, Beast Balls are now only used to help catch Ultra Beasts (something that most players just use a Master Ball on anyways) and to change the form of Celebi when caught. They used to be able to be used to summon Celebi, making them actually worthwhile to...
  2. ThanosUndertale

    Add additional eggs per day to the daycare shop.

    Right now, daycares can be set up either for breeding or leveling. Leveling's only limit is the time it takes for pokes to get exp, while breeding has a hard cap of 3 eggs per day. I think being able to buy items for coins or gems to increase that cap would make daycares set up for breeding a...