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  1. Txnner

    Staff Response Backpacks hotfix

    Gonna actually keep this one short: In short, backpacks reset the positions of items when players close and re-open them(shoving them all to the top left corner of the backpack as much as they can) While I do not know the capabilities of the plugin, I just wanted to make it known / ask if it...
  2. Txnner

    Accepted Player Rank Kit Small Fix

    I'll try to keep this somewhat short. Basically at general rank (as well as some ranks before) you get quite a lot of items in the kits, so many that fills up your inventory almost all the way, even without anything else in it. My previous suggestion was to add a plugin that created a "stash"...
  3. Txnner

    [Guide] - All About Auras

    Table of Contents a) What are Auras? b) How to get Auras: (rewards crate information) c) Auras as an Item d) Preview of the Auras e) Auras Wrapped up (closing guide remarks) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  4. Txnner

    Accepted A new form of Party Chat, Nation Chat, Chat Channels etc.

    With the server growing at the steady pace that it is, the general chat channel is slowly going to get more and more hectic with people having their own conversations, and doing different things amongst people on the server. I'll get somewhat right to the point and give my ideas to help fix...