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  1. Peazgood

    Accepted First Aid Skill In Tournaments (and timer)

    I discovered today that something that just entirely breaks tournaments into tiny pieces is the first aid skill (do /skills and go to battling). Reviving pokemon after a battle ends is something that should definitely be disabled during a tournament, or just removed altogether as it isn't really...
  2. Peazgood

    Drawing in tournaments

    I think I misworded my thread a little bit last night, but yes I think that it's an issue with destiny bond, you can ignore what I was saying about tournament formats. The move on showdown - if used by the last pokemon on a team and is killed in the same turn by the last pokemon on the opposing...
  3. Peazgood

    Drawing in tournaments

    After todays random team tourney, when I drew against DarkPkmnMaster, I went onto showdown to check whether what happened was supposed to and whether it should have been a win for either person. As you can see from this screenshot, '3upSheff' wins the battle, you can see the teams in the top of...
  4. Peazgood

    Suggestion to make tournaments slightly better

    When someone absolutely cops out of the first move when they get 1 banged and then the fight freezes because of glitches, on the restart just make the game play out how it would've done until it's back to how it was, because otherwise you just know what's gunna happen and can play around it. Or...
  5. Peazgood

    Pokémon Name Game!

  6. Peazgood

    Pokémon Name Game!

  7. Peazgood

    Re-appealing my unban on the discord

    Hello again, I am re-appealing my unban for the discord. I feel as though I acted wrongly earlier, and that I was very impatient - I am very sorry for how I acted. I have thought about my actions and the things I said, and I take them all back. I was in the wrong. I should've waited for you...
  8. Peazgood

    Appealing an unban from the discord

    Hi, sorry to post this in general - I just couldn't find anywhere else to post it. It seems I was banned from the discord ages ago, for some stupid reason based on something I did probably. As the server has had a fresh wipe, I was hoping I could be considered an unban from the discord so that...