Server Rules (Click for more details)

Everybody is born with a brain. Use it. It's only a game; have fun, don't rage, don't participate in drama or spread toxicity, and just follow the rules. It's not hard.

We love having international players around, but we are a mainly English server. You can use "/msg" to speak directly with others in-game if you wish.

Also note that "spamming" includes /tpa requests, private messages, and asking for help from staff. If a staff member isn't responding in-game, please open a support ticket via our Discord.

Trolling, scamming, hate speech, bullying, and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated whatsoever.

Insults and directed swearing are NOT allowed, so keep in mind that you should not use language that could offend.

We cannot make any exceptions of when using a secondary account is or isn't allowed, so general rule of thumb: Dont do it.

Even outside of our network we highly discourage sharing accounts with others. Whether it be a sibling or a significant other, you are responsible for the actions that take place when your account is in use.

Any discoveries of such glitches/bugs should be reported ASAP via our Discord using the support ticket system. Being in posession of knowingly-duped items is also a bannable offense.

If a player is no longer active and their builds are in the way, let us know via our Discord ticket system and we'll try and help work it out.

Using any device which allows you to do so (including macros) will get you banned.

If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, listen to them. If you have an issue with something a staff member has asked of you, let us know via our Discord support ticket system if you feel comfortable, or DM a Manager or Owner. Most importantly, do not ever impersonate staff.

This includes using x-ray, mods or resource packs. This also includes using or misappropriating macros or other 'safe' mods to achieve an unfair advantage. Yes, we can tell when you're using them. No, this rule is not up for interpretation on what's deemed fair or unfair. If you are unsure, don't use it or you may risk a ban