Back to School Sale - 20% Off!

Mike5357 Manager posted Sep 7, 18

School has returned (for most) which means its time for pencils and pens rather than PokéBalls and Pokémon - or does it?

Not to worry! Enjoy our 20% off Back to School Sale to ease the pain!

Don't miss out! The sale only lasts until Monday, September 17th

TheNode Staff Team
Hey everyone, it's that great time of year again! It's SUMMER!!! No more school and all the time you need to play on our network! In celebration of this amazing vacation we are bringing you the.....
That's right! Everything is on sale for 30% off all summer long so take advantage of it while you can!

We'd also like to take this time to address our recently updated terms of purchase;
Our Terms and Conditions for all purchases can be viewed here. The most notable change is in regards to previously closed servers and purchase transfers:
Any purchases made are bound to the server purchased, and in the case that the server is no longer operated, it is up to the discretion of the management team if the purchases will be honored/redeemable within another division of TheNodeMC only if requested via our ticket system within 30 days of closure - If a transfer request has not been submitted within 30 days, the items are forfeit.
This means that as of 30 days from this post (on July 24th, 2018) any purchases that have not been requested to be transferred (from ANY closed server including Towny, Prison, Skyblock) via a support ticket on our website will be voided. As well, in the future any transfers will need to be requested within 30 days of any server closing. We understand if this may be confusing at first, but it is a necessary change for us in order to continue to provide our loyal community with quality servers.
We hope you all have a great summer!
TheNode Staff Team

Welcome to The PixelNode Pack!

Mike5357 Manager posted Jun 12, 18

We are proud to finally announce the opening of our brand new PixelNode Pack server!

In case you've been out of the loop, this is Watty and I's own CUSTOM modpack, available on the Technic Launcher!
Big thanks to everyone involved including Shiva (the main man), Watters (the all-seeing eye), Chicken (the gym man), Killer(the shop man), and anyone else who we've forgot to mention; you guys have all been awesome helping us get this off the ground.

We think that you folks are all going to love it, as We've included a little something for all likes including:

  • Tinkers Construct (Shiva's fav)
  • IndustrialCraft (Watch out; that wire is hot!)
  • Chisel n' Bits - and a few helpful sidemods to go with it (MY absolute fav!)
  • Pam's HarvestCraft (Feelin hungry?) 
  • NPC Quests (ooooo!)
  • Plus loads of others!

You can find the modpack by just searching "PixelNode Pack" in the Technic Launcher search bar (or click here)!
Once you've installed it, its as easy as clicking on the server in the Multiplayer list and hopping through the portal! :)

Come and join us, get down with your pokéselves, and above all HAVE FUN!

TheNode Staff Team

pokeguy874 Hey, the pack isn't loading?