Love is in the air! While you should show your appreciation for the ones you love every day of the year, today is the day that you can both give and receive goodies too; That's why we're giving you a 15% Off Valentine's Day SaleThe sale will run only until Monday, so take advantage of this while you can!

But that's not all; introducing the Cupid Kit! Only available in the shop for the next week, you won't want to miss getting hit by cupid's arrow which will deliver you an awesome set of items every week:

/kit Cupid:

  • 64 Pink Wool
  • 128 Valentine Block
  • 1 Red Heart
  • 10 Diamond
  • 16 Rare Candies
  • 1 Master Ball

On purchase, you'll also receive: 

  • 1 Soothe Bell 
  • Male & Female Shiny Eevees (in Loveballs)
  • Cupid Prefix
  • Red (&c) Colored Chat 
  • *****And just because you are awesome, a bonus 64 Rare Candies!

Make sure you pick it up before its gone at

I bet you thought that was everything, but theres one more thing... We're hosting a very special Valentine's Day Giveaway where you and someone special to you have the chance to win your very own Luvdisc Plushies (1 gold and 1 pink)!

All you need to do to enter is join our Discord (, scroll over to the #game-announcements channel, and react to GiveawayBot's message. That's it- super easy!

The winner will be chosen in TWO DAYS, so make sure you enter quick for your chance to win!

With lots of love,
- TheNode Staff Team

Monthly Update and Pixelmon 7.0?

Mike5357 Manager posted Feb 7, 19

Wow, a month has already flown by. We only just reopened on the 26th of December but it seems like time is flying by quickly! Unfortunately the holidays are over and it’s time to move on :( However, not too far around the corner do I see cupids arrows- so be on the lookout for some Valentines Day related events, items, and maybe Cupid will even stop by to drop off his own kit?

We did really well in terms of meeting our donation goals last month. Everybody who has donated has been extremely generous and we went above and beyond our initial goal (250%!) So I’d like to give a MASSIVE thank you to all involved, and like I always say if you don't have any money to donate that's OK! You can still help support us for free by voting for TheNodeMC which is just as important!

As many of you may know, the developers of Pixelmon have released Pixelmon 7.0 with a barrage of new additions: (found here: We are working to get everything working, though naturally with large updates like this a lot of things break. Please be patient with us whilst we try to get that up and running as we would prefer to deliver a high quality update than a hastily scrapped together and rushed update.

We have also updated our very own modpack to PixelNode 1.6.0. This update includes a few quality of life improvements, and a couple new mods:

  • Bounties! - Check out the Bounty Boards at spawn's Town Square for time-based tasks to complete for some nice rewards! There are four tiers of bounties, and the boards will refill randomly so make sure you keep checking back to earn more rewards!
  • Aquaculture - Catch over 30 new fish with a brand new series of rods and tools. Each biome has new types of fish with randomized weights that can be turned into fish filets and food, as well as shiny new loot you can catch while fishing! (Including the fabled Neptunium tools or armor!)
  • Blockcraftery - Adds a series of framed blocks can be placed in the world then given another block's texture by right-clicking; create your own stairs, slabs, walls, slants, and corners without fumbling around with chisels and bits!
  • Placeable Items - Allows you to place items such as potions and food and adds a few new blocks to decorate your home, granary, artist gallery, stable, and many more. Tons of items even have fun interactions you can enjoy by right-clicking.
  • QOL improvements: Added BadWitherNoCookie, FastLeafDecay, and CustomNPCs. Fixed recipes for Thermal Centrifuge and Pattern Storage.
  • Server changes: Added /lastlegend, New scoreboard, Improved VoteParty visibility

The full changelog can be viewed at 

As always, we’d love to hear feedback from our community! So if you have any ideas for new mods, plugins, or events or even if you don't like something and would like to see something changed or removed please don't hesitate to get in contact with us on our discord: or leave a post on the forums!

We have also had some recent changes to staff, I'm very pleased to announce the following additions and promotions:

New Trainees: Ferengi
New Mods: TheEndBringer, Karebearr13

It's going to be a really busy month for us all preparing for the Pixelmon 7.0 release as well as for our Valentines festivities, so be on the lookout for info on that soon!

Leave a comment below letting us know what Pokemon addition are you looking forward to the most in 7.0 and a random winner will be selected to win that Pokemon when we update!

Thanks for reading and see you soon,
- TheNode Staff Team

Happy New Year!

Watty Owner posted Jan 2, 19


Another year flown by! - I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and a fantastic New Year -Have you made your resolutions yet?!

Image result for happy new year pokemon

A quick update from me :


We managed to very quickly sneak in a total server swap and transfer just before the new year where we were only down for around 14 hours which is pretty awesome. A BIG thanks to Mike for orchestrating it. We are now running on the most recent, up-to-date hardware our provider can offer where the new specifications are now 10X as our smelly old machines. This theoretically means less map lag and more processing power! Furthermore, bungee has been 're-done' and we are pleased to say that we are no longer plagued with connecton issues. As far as I understand we have not had any reports regarding buggy bungee connections.

The current specs (for you geeks) are:

-Intel  i7-7700K OC
-4c/8t - 4.7GHz /5GHz
-64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
-SoftRAID 2x450GB NVMe
So considerably better and more stable. We have also added into the servers the long anticipated 'Voteparty' Plugin Which rewards players by accumulating all online votes and upon reaching a designated target will hand out cool items and cash to everyone online! Think of it as an incentive to vote and a small token of our gratitude of taking the time out to vote for us.

Don't forget you can do it here:


While we will be focusing most of our efforts into ensuring the maximum and best experience on our PixelNode server we are also investigating the idea of a Sky Factory 4 server. Apparently, this is being released soon and it's something we would be excited to investigate.
With that being said; we are looking to update the modpack yet again so please post any suggestions you may have whether it's a new mod, changes to current mods or plugins or texture packs. Whatever you can imagine! Please send us your idea, on discord or in our forums here. We'll be sure to look at it!


Since Christmas, Shiva has been working really hard in re-building a fresh new staff team to help out you guys whilst on the server. I'm pleased to announce that we already have put together a small group of individuals who have a tonne of experience previously under their belts and willing to help out once again! In no particular order:
New Moderators:
TheEndBringer     raystriker269     KillerTato
New Trainees:
Karebearr13       Ch0w Ch0w       chickenman525 
Make sure to give them a big congratulations if you see them in game or around on our discord. We are always looking for new applicants to come join our staff team. If you genuinely want to come and help out and experience staffing on TheNode please don't hesitate to submit an application here:


As we know, the Reforged server is completely empty. With the occassional IP spammer to break the silence. It is taking up valuable real estate (cue meme here) And we want to make it into something more exciting and new for old and new players to enjoy. A few ideas I have are:

1) Turn it into an 'OP' kind of server where Pokemon's levels are raised to 300 , Nuzzlocke is turned on so there is a risk of losing your pokemon that you have worked with adding the extra thrill of battle, and generally everything just a bit harder to obtain like held items, and pokeballs, etc.
2) Close it down and turn it into a Vanilla Server like Towny or Slimefun kinda thing we had before.

3) Turn it into a Teletubbies server
Ok I only really had 2 ideas. But if you guys come up with anymore or let us know what YOU would like to see opened up. Please let us know here on the forums or on our discord:
Well that's it from me everyone, I'll make sure to post back in a couple weeks or so to keep you updated. Meanwhile, have fun, keep safe and catchem' all!
-Watty & The Staff Team
TheSylveonB0y 1 and 3 sound good. Teletubby pokemon. Dipsy, I choose you!

A New Owner and a New Beginning!

Watty Owner posted Jan 1, 19

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while, eh?

Things have changed quite a bit over the last few months, and there's no denying that the traffic has slowed down and the player count isn't as high as it used to be however I'm hoping that in the coming weeks this will improve with some necessary changes. This is a long post, so buckle yourself in and maybe grab a snack!


Without going into too many details, it has transpired that Pr3d has stepped down from the Owner rank. His commitment to school and worklife has become paramount with little room for extracurricular activities. As many of you may know, the time, energy, and patience to run a community like this is incredibly difficult and time consuming. Pr3d has been the owner and founder of TheNodeMC for over 5 years and has had many successful (and some maybe not so successful :P) endeavors. We should all be grateful for his initial conception of TheNode and that it has been facilitated by him for many years. He will still remain with TheNodeMC as a 'Founder' ; a rank given as a small token of our thanks and recognition of his hard work and dedication to the community. Please don't hesitate to wish him your farewell or even just a message of thanks in Discord!

Watty (eww that guy)

As for myself, I will hold my hands up and admit I have no past experience being an Owner of a community. I do have over 4 years of experience in terms of managing one and I know the 'ins' and 'outs' of it's day-to-day running (so that should count for something right?!). I realise have some very big shoes to fill, and understand the importance and the burden running a large community like this is. Thankfully, I already have already enlisted 2 managers to help out: Mike5357 and shivachris2002. You all already know them well, and I can guarantee their professionalism and dedication from working with them in the past - Make sure to say hello to them in Discord!

Shiva & Mike

These guys are awesome; they will be 2 of the main Managers on TheNodeMC. They are well-versed and experienced in not only the running of day-to-day tasks of TheNodeMC, but also have technical experience enabling them to diagnose and fix complex issues that may arise. Shiva will primarily help manage the staff team and deal with inter-staff related issues and complex in-game issues, whilst Mike will be more behind the scenes implementing and tweaking new features, mods, and plugins whilst providing an experienced troubleshooting facet.

All of You!

Whether you guys know it or not, TheNodeMC wouldn't be running without you! Not only in a financial sense, but as a community in itself. Nobody likes playing on an empty server, and that's a self-perpetualising problem. What we need from you guys is your commitment and usual awesome personalities that come together and make TheNodeMC what it is! 

SO please, if you are old, new, or just lurking, give us another go once we've finished renovations! Together, we can achieve an amazing and fun-filled atmosphere, bringing TheNode back it's old charm. I promise that we will all be putting in 100% effort to strengthen the walls of what we call home.

We are open to suggestions and ideas, or if you just want to pop by and say hello you can reach myself and my management team on Discord -

Thanks for listening!

- Watty (Owner of TheNodeMC)

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! Well, for me at least...

It's time to kick off the SpOokY SzN with all kinds of exciting stuff happening all over our network! Here's your PixelNode rundown!


Halloween Sale

Enjoy 30% off everything on our shop (across all servers!) Don't miss out, this sale only lasts until November 5th!



It's time to celebrate the spooky season with all sorts of fun events and activities all month long hosted by some of your favorite scary movie stars! Run for your life from a deranged Mr.Mime in Slasher. Bring out your inner creativity in Pumpkin Carving on Oct. 25th, become a grave robber in our Grave Robbing event on Oct. 30th, and on the spookiest night of all (Oct. 31st) join us for a costume/skin contest as well as a Pixelmon Halloween Party that may hold many surprises!

We will also be having 3 week-long events! Go on a grand adventure in our Haunted Scavenger Hunt! Can you make your way out of our Haunted Maze, and finally get your candy game on with our Trick or Treat event?

Click here to check out the full event schedule to be sure you don't miss out! 


Limited-Time Advancements Track and Custom Rewards

Also included in the modpack's recent 1.4.1 Spooky Update is a fancy new set of custom Halloween Advancements with cool new item textures and rewards! Check out your Advancements menu to view the challenges, then visit '/warp MobHunt' and try to collect all the jellybeans from ghoulish and creepy monsters! You won't be able to unlock the advancements anymore once the season is over, so make sure you reap those rewards while you can!


Limited-Time Kit

Are events not enough for you? Well introducing the limited-time weekly Halloween Kit, "Too Spooky"! Check it out on the shop! Just like the Halloween Sale, this will only be around until November 5th, so make sure you pick it up before then!


Phew! That was a lot to cover.

It's been such a fun time getting all of this ready for you, and we hope you all enjoy the celebrating the season with us!

TheNode Staff Team