Easter Sale - 30% Off!

Mike5357 Manager posted Mar 30, 18
Spring is in the air! A little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt, and neither does treating yourself to a fancy new rank or shiny pack of items with our 30% Off Easter Sale!  
The sale ends on Tuesday, so take advantage of it while you can!
We hope your Easter is 'Egg'cellent!
TheNode Staff Team

Everywhere you look you will see green; if you aren't wearing it look out for those who like to pinch! Pinch a penny on enhancing your gameplay - consider getting a new rank or shiny pack of items during this time with our 30% Off Saint Patrick's Day Sale! 
The sale will only run until the next 7 days!
- TheNode Staff Team

Pixelmon Reforged is now Open!

Watty Owner posted Mar 12, 18

That's right folks, I am pleased to announce that Pixelmon Reforged is now .


We have a lot of new additions to the server and also a few new perks to our Donor Ranks!

New Perks:


/checkegg - can check the stats of an egg (no cooldown)

/showstats - Show off your pokemon! (cooldown 5 minutes)

/checktypes - Shows a list of a Pokémon's resistances, weaknesses and immunities

/wiki - disaplys the info of the search Pokemon

/movelist - See the avaliable moves a Pokemon can use

/dexcheck -see how many Pokemon you have caught according to your pokedex.

Novice+ can now claim Pink Tier 1 Pokestops! claim with /claimpokestop


/Checkstats - check the stats of your Pokemon

/Resetevs - Made a mistake training your Pokemon - you can now reset it's EV's!


/timedhatch - Hatch an egg immediately usable every 60 mins

/showstats -   Show off your pokemon! (Alternate cooldown: 1 Minute)

Ace+ Can Now Claim Blue Tier 2 Pokestops!

Elite +

/showstats (no cooldown)

/timedhatch - (Alternate Cooldown 30m)


Champion+ Can Now claim Purple Tier 3 Pokestops!


As well as /timedhatch every 30 minutes, they also have a seperate command called /hatch which can be used ever 15 minutes!

*We are looking to upgrade the Legend rank in anyway feasibly possible. If you have any suggestions please msg pr3d or Watty on Discord if you have any ideas. We are all ears!*

Pokedex Rewards

We have updated a new side-mod called Pokedex rewards which awards users when they reach a certain milestone of caught Pokemon in their Pokedex.

/pokedex count - To see the amount fo Pokemon you have caught according to your Pokedex.

/pokedex remaing - It Lists the remaining Pokemon to catch

/pokedex claim - Claim rewards every 10%

/pokedex convert <slot> - Converts your Pokemon into its shiny varient. - You'll have to work your way through the rewards before you get this cool token!

Global Trading System (GTS)

We have a brand new GTS version up and running. Not only can it sell your pokemon for you in an auction format it also has the ability to sell items! It's a much cleaner adn more trusted way of ensuring fair trade between players!

/gts -  To see the main Trading Screen and what's avaliable.

/gts sell item <amount> <price> - Sells the item you are currently holding for the price you input

/gts sell pokemon <party slot> <price> -  Sells the POkemon in your Team for your desired amount

That's only the tip of the iceburg of additions we are planning to make to the Reforged server. We have access to an indepth Quest building plugin so over the next few weeks we will be brainstorming ideas on what kind of quests we should incooperate into the server. This is where you guys come in. We will be setting up a forum thread where we want YOU GUYS to come up with ideas and rewards for quests. Who knows? maybe your idea will strike lucky and you'll appear as your very own NPC in your own quest! We are really excited about this one, we hope you are too! So go forth my fellow Pokemon Trainers and have fun in the new Map, forge bonds make rivalries, catch your favorite Pokemon, but most of all, HAVE FUN!

-The Pixelmon Staff Team

Progress Update...

Watty Owner posted Mar 8, 18

Progress Update for The Reforged Update: 

Hello everyone! A quick update here for you all. The Update is taking longer than expected due to the fact we are upgrading from minecraft version 1.10 to 12.2. There have been a few hurdles but we are making good progress: 

Map and Basic Warps: 100% Complete


Configs and Settings: 100% Complete


Addition of New Side-Mods/Plugins: 100% Complete

Website Conversion: 100% Complete


Other Misc: 100% Complete

While we were anticipating to have the update done in a day, it's clear to us now that there is just too much to take into consideration and to do within a day. (Bear in mind that a lot of us have real life jobs!) We have decided to take our time (somewhat) and ensure we develop a top quality server for all of you to begin your new journeys on. We are really excited about the new additions to the server and the possibilities that 1.12.2 presents! 

For example, we can now implement an awesome quest plugin that will enable us to make a main story-line and side-quests -all with unique and configurable rewards! We will soon be opening up a forum section that will enable players to come up with quest ideas! - Who knows? Maybe your idea will be implemented on the server and you'll feature as the NPC quest giver! 
We also have a brand new updated Global Trade System which not only sells off your Pokemon it also has an item section too! So you can sell off your rare candy or purchase a moon stone with the security of the new Global Trade System. 
We will also be implementing Voteparty on the server. If you have played on our Towny server or Sky Factory, you'll know how this works. Basically; every vote that goes to the Pixelmon Voting sites gets logged and all totalled up. Once it reaches a target for example 200 votes- a Voteparty begins! where everyone is given random rewards as a thank you for voting. The total is then reset and votes begin to tally up to 200 again! 

This is only a few of the additions we will be implementing into the new server. You'll need to play to find out more! Stay tuned for some March Madness Sales. Soon to be announced by Pr3d!
That's about it from our end, and a big thanks to you all for being so patient, just a little bit to go!

-TheNode Staff Team

So as you all are probably aware there has been a lengthy discussion on what direction we should take the current 5.1.2 Pixelmon Server in. When it was first envisaged it was always believed to be a legacy server that would no longer have the core mod updated, rather it would have main gameplay features tweaked and added upon to enhance the vanilla experience.

As it turns out, during the time when our Pixelmon Nations server was in it's honeymoon period a new version of Pixelmon emerged. This was Called Pixelmon Reforged. Little was known about this mod at the time and even less about its credibility. After witnessing it being adopted by many servers and it's credibility rise throughout the Pixelmon community it became apparent that we had to adopt it into our network some way or another.

After releasing a poll to our community it was apparent that while the Nations idea had it's merits and a lot of people enjoyed the novel experience it was clear that the majority of people enjoyed the grief prevention dynamics rather than a town tax system. Therefore, not only are we replacing the Pixelmon Mod with Reforged, we will also be scrapping the nations plugin and Grief Prevention will be returning. So bye bye taxes and welcome back claim blocks! 

This will mean that we will be returning back the the Pixelspark modpack which can be found here:

So make sure you update to the latest version and allocate at least 1.5 GIgs of RAM to it. (If you are unsure on how to do it please join our discord and ask for asistance)

Image result for pokemon squirtle squad

Now, for the news you have all been searching for. Unfortunately, due to the change in the core Pixelmon mod a lot of features , items and Id's have changed. This means, that we will have to undergo a full reset in order to avoid any inconsistencies, errors or mismatches. We know this is a disappointing revelation for all of you but it is a necessity. Pixelmon Nations hasn't been reset in a very long time and it is overdue, therefore the management team thought this would be the perfect time to reset the server as opposed to peak times during summer. I have also decided to reset the map. So you will all have a brand new fresh map to explore to your hearts content!

The Reset is planned for: (subject to change)

Wednesday the 7th of March

ETA: 12:00pm EST

As for previous purchases, as always we will always redeem or reissue any previous purchases made on the Pixelmon Nations server and we will endeavor to do it as quickly as we can. As with all resets on the Node, normal protocol states that you can make a claim for your items/Pokemon/Ranks etc... As soon as the server has generated the map and stabilized. This should take no longer than a week, probably sooner. Management will keep you updated on when and how to claim your purchases back.

I know that was a lot of information to take in, and if you have any questions regarding this news post or the intended reset please don't hesitate to ask in our Discord #general-chat.

-TheNode Staff Team

CuteCyndaquil Yay claim blocks :d