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EzrealLP posted Oct 28, 18

On Sky Factory 3 there is a week long Chisel&Bits event going on!
Make your own sculptures to get voted on by the admins and the top 3 will get a grand prize!
-Sculptures must be a Maximum size of 1x1x1(ie: 1 block big)
-Sculptures must be renamed to your in-game name.
-Submit your sculptures by throwing them into on of the graves in the event area at spawn.
The staff team will then decide the winner based on: Creativity & Design.

Every partaker will receive a prize but the top 3 will receive grand prizes of:
1st place) Quartermaster rank.
2nd place) 1 item pack of your choice and 3 of each crate key
3rd place) 1 item pack of your choice The sculptures must fit the theme of Halloween.

The event ends on the 5th of November Good luck and bombs away!

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! Well, for me at least...

It's time to kick off the SpOokY SzN with all kinds of exciting stuff happening all over our network! Here's your FTB rundown!


Halloween Sale

Enjoy 30% off everything on our shop (across all servers!) Don't miss out, this sale only lasts until November 5th!



It's time to celebrate the spooky season with all sorts of fun events and activities, including the return of the oh-so successful SF3 Chisel Competition!

Here's how it works:

  • Make a Chisels & Bits sculpture that only takes up ONE block
  • The sculpture should fit the theme of Halloween
  • Rename the sculpture to your username using an anvil, and toss it into one of the two graves at '/warp events'
  • The staff team will determine the winner by judging creativity and design!
  • Prizes are as follows:
    • First Place: Quartermaster Rank! (or $30 rank upgrade)
    • Second Place: 1 item pack of your choice, and 3 of each crate key!
    • Third Place: 1 item pack of your choice!


The event ends at 12pm EST on October 31st, so be sure to submit before then!

Also, take part in our specially themed weekly events! Can you make it out of the Haunted Maze? Can you make the spookiest build in Creepy Constructions?


It's been such a fun time getting all of this ready for you, and we hope you all enjoy celebrating the season with us!

TheNode Staff Team

After a (very) long time, our Direwolf20 modpack server is finally back online, updated to 2.3.0, and refreshed with a brand new world and some exciting new changes!

Moving into the 2.0 versions of the modpack there are tons of mod changes (new mods too!), so make sure you read over the changelogs (link below).

The most notable change on our server is the discontinuation of the Nations plugin; While we didn't want to get rid of this, we weren't left with another option as it's become so outdated that it no longer functions properly with current versions of Forge. Fret not though, as situations like this always have an upside! We have decided to transition to a brand new version of GriefPrevention - but Mike, GriefPrevention isn't new! It's already on other TheNodeMC servers! You're absolutely right it isn't new - but GriefPrevention Towns is! This new system includes three different layers of creating and customizing protections to suit your own needs and allows you to collaborate with other players to build towns very similar to Nations and Towny! We are one of the first servers to be using the newly updated version of this plugin (seriously, this version came out two days ago.), so there maaay be a few blips here and there but rest assured the wonderful devs are active and have already fixed a couple bugs specifically for us!

Even if you've played through the Direwolf20 modpack before, this is a great chance to experience it in a whole new way! Keep in mind that taxes are still a thing so make sure you keep your claim bank topped up! For a quick GriefPrevention Towns tutorial, take a look at the handy graphic below (or type '!dwgp' in our Discord!).

Come and join us at!

(Special thanks to HauDruf for tweaking the crate configs to make them more exciting and playtesting to make sure there aren't any game-breaking bugs!)

We have updated Direwolf20 1.12 to release version 2.3.0! You need this version to join.

Installation Instructions

  • Twitch Desktop App: Press the update button!
    • Update button not showing? Click on your modpack/profile, click Versions, and select version 2.3.0. It should be marked with "(Release)"!

View the full Changelog...

TheNode Staff Team

Back to School Sale - 20% Off!

Mike5357 Manager posted Sep 7, 18

School has returned (for most) which means its time for pencils and pens rather than PokéBalls and Pokémon - or does it?

Not to worry! Enjoy our 20% off Back to School Sale to ease the pain!

Don't miss out! The sale only lasts until Monday, September 17th

TheNode Staff Team
Hey everyone, it's that great time of year again! It's SUMMER!!! No more school and all the time you need to play on our network! In celebration of this amazing vacation we are bringing you the.....
That's right! Everything is on sale for 30% off all summer long so take advantage of it while you can!

We'd also like to take this time to address our recently updated terms of purchase;
Our Terms and Conditions for all purchases can be viewed here. The most notable change is in regards to previously closed servers and purchase transfers:
Any purchases made are bound to the server purchased, and in the case that the server is no longer operated, it is up to the discretion of the management team if the purchases will be honored/redeemable within another division of TheNodeMC only if requested via our ticket system within 30 days of closure - If a transfer request has not been submitted within 30 days, the items are forfeit.
This means that as of 30 days from this post (on July 24th, 2018) any purchases that have not been requested to be transferred (from ANY closed server including Towny, Prison, Skyblock) via a support ticket on our website will be voided. As well, in the future any transfers will need to be requested within 30 days of any server closing. We understand if this may be confusing at first, but it is a necessary change for us in order to continue to provide our loyal community with quality servers.
We hope you all have a great summer!
TheNode Staff Team