Nodeiversary | New Years Sale!

Pr3d Owner posted Jan 1, 18
Hey everyone, today I bring the news of some great awesomeness happening here at TheNodeMC. We recently just surpassed 4 years of TheNodeMC being open. We opened up TheNodeMC 4 years ago because we have always enjoyed running a server community. We decided we wanted to provide the best possible experience for the players of minecraft. That is how TheNodeMC came to be. The day we opened was a pretty hilarious day in fact, considering it was Christmas Eve. Everyone had to do things but we had promised we would be open that day so we did. Since then we have grown into the community we have today and we couldn't ask for anything more.
In the past years many things have changed here. We started off with one simple Direwolf server which seemingly exploded overnight. That Direwolf server helped us grow into what we are today as it provided funding and a player base to for us to start expanding our community. Since then we have opened dozens of servers (rip direwolf and pixelspark) in muliple different versions of minecraft. We have had 64,428 users join our website. We have had 918,882 unique site views and we average hundreds of unique site views per day. We have had over 1,500,000 unique players join servers across our network. All of our servers have been in the #1 position at some point in their life time. We have truly made these years into something amazing.
You can expect new exciting minecraft experiences from us in 2018. Some new servers will be new experiences we've never tried before while others will feel like an old friend ;).
Now that I have gone on about that for a little while lets get down to the part that you were trying to find in this post. Prizes. Throughout the week, the owners, managers, admins, etc will be giving out tons of prizes including things like steam games, store coupons, cool gadgets, Node apparel and who knows what else. We will be hosting events on all servers and offering special promotions that are only available through our anniversary event. We will update this post and when we are doing specific things so keep your eyes on that to get your chance to participate in the awesomeness.
We will also be holding a sale to commemorate this anniversary and celebrate the new year so be sure to take advantage of that!
Happy Nodeiversary,
The Node Staff Team

Christmas Sale, Events and New Features!

Watty Director posted Dec 20, 17

Merry Christmas & HappHolidays!!!

Santa has has paid us a visit and checked his list and decided that the Node community have all been good boys and girls! (Except Mike he's getting coal)


So we have decided to release a 30% OFF SALE ON ALL ITEMS.
Better Hurry! The Sale ends at 12:00pm 28th of December!


Be on the lookout for special christmas events happening throughout the Christmas break. There are awesome prizes and rewards to be won. Also join our discord: for unique and exclusive giveaways for our members only. All you need to do is join the discord and you are ready to participate! Be sure to check our forums as your friendly neighbourhood admins have posted a schedule of various events and times (rough schedules subject to change)

And More?

Towny has been going through a big transformation recently thanks to ZFall3nZraptor and his team on being so dedicated and enthusiastic on keeping the server going. We have recently released a new Mob Arena feature to Towny where you can battle waves and waves of monsters to earn gold and loot! At the moment we have made the beginnger arena and nearly finished the Intermeidate arena. All that is left is the Expert arena. And be sure, this will be tough! There have been a few small back end tweaks here and there that should hopefully improve the lives of players a bit more on the server. We are still as always, looking to expand the team and also any ideas you may have please don;t hesitate to ask - the mob arena idea was enivisioned by one of our very own players!

That's about it from our end here. If we don't see you all in-game or around, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a brilliant New Year!

TheNode Staff Team

Black Friday Sale and Towny Progression!

Watty Director posted Nov 23, 17

Towny Progression and Future plans

First of all, I would like to start of this News update by wishing everyone (who celebrates it) a Happy Thanksgiving!
It gives us time to ponder upon what lessons we learnt and how we can spread happiness around, to look back at all the great memories and fantastic experiences we have encountered as a community. And look forward to the future and whatever it may bring!

I'm really pleased to announce that we will be releasing a week long Black Friday Sale Which will run from the (25th Nov-1st of Dec)

This will be 30% OFF All Items across the stores on our Network. Look out for further FLASH SALES that will be happening for specific items only. 

So Towny has been putting along nicely since it's Arrival in August. We now have a stable full time Administrator on there making sure things ar eon an even keel (Thanks Raptor) and a well mannered and experienced mod and helper team. We have finally updated the Treasure Key Chest and the Voting rewards so please keep voting to not only help us out on the voting website, but also so you can recieve awesome loot. We will be looking to overhaul the Mystery chest and the Common chest so save those keys until notified otherwise!

We have also developed a fighting arena where we will potentially hold Fighting tournaments! Not to mention I'm looking into adding a mob Arena plugin that will send constant waves of enemies gradually getting harder towards you and you have to survive. The longer you survive the better loot you get!

We are also looking into rolling out all the Trails and Cosmetic items to be won with chests/ events or purchased in shop very soon. 

Did someone say McMMO Horses? ;)

More Slimefun Addons?

As you can see we have lots of plans to improve the current player experience on Towny

Anyway that;s about it from my end, Happy thanksgiving everyone and I'll see you guys later!


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Halloween Sale!

Watty Director posted Oct 29, 17

That's right folks, a 25% off Halloween Sale!

Better hurry; the sale ends on the 3rd of November!

TheNode Staff Team

TheNodeMC Fall Sale

Pr3d Owner posted Sep 24, 17


Hurry Now! Sale ends Monday, October 12th.

-TheNode Staff Team