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I have a small announcement is hacked my minecraft account. Personally, I find this course very unfortunate. If someone asks for my name can you answer them that I am hacked. The dude I hacked name AlexDeGeneres so if you see someone with that name
and watty dont you delete the shout module from the site
lets start having the fight on here
nope i wanted it
You do not have access to shout.

DireWolf Helper

Here is your quick tutorial now that you are a helper!

You gain access to the following commands as a helper:

  • Modreq
  • Kicking
  • Muting
  • Prism

Modreq helps to bring order to the server.
The commands are:

  • '/check'                        Check available tickets.
  • '/check [ID]'                  Shows details of a ticket.
  • '/tp-id [ID]'                     Teleports to the ticket.
  • '/done [ID] [reason]'       Closes the ticket.

Helpers can really only answer the modreqs with questions, etc.

Kicking is the only thing you can do to prevent annoyance
You should only kick when they are either not listening or complying

Muting stops someone from speaking in chat.
The best time to mute someone is when they repeatedly do not listen to you, and if you have kicked them quite a few times for breaking chat rules. As a side note we are pretty lenient with the chat. Players are allowed to swear and use caps as long as it isn't too much; a few words here and there or a few caps is not a big deal.

If you cannot do anything to stop a particular player, or complete a modreq, please leave it to higher authority

You now have access to Prism. This plugin is used to check who has griefed or stolen from a player. This plugin is very self explanatory, and you only have access to this portion of it:

  • '/pr i'                                                                        Inspects a blocks for an action.
  • '/pr l p:[player] r:[radius] t:[time][s/m/h/d] a:[action]'     Searches the area for specific actions.

Don't worry, it looks confusing, but its very simple when you start to use it.

DireWolf Mod

Congratulations, you did such as a good job as Helper that we decided to promote you to Mod!

With mod you gain a few more privileges on the server.

The main thing is that you can now ban people. Please note banning is a very serious thing and you will lose your perms if its abused, and you don't want that! You also get access to tempban. 

  •  '/ban [user] [reason]'                                  Bans a user.
  •  '/tempban [user] [time] [reason]'                 Temporarily bans a user.

We now have a warning system in place so you can warn someone, for example, for obsessive caps or profanity. The command for this is: 

  • '/warn [user] [reason]'         Applies a "warning" to someone.

Please do not go warn-crazy. A certain number of warnings may autoban the user.

We are fine if people use some caps and some swearing. "IF A SENTENCE LOOKS LIKE THIS", warn them verbally (not the /warn). If they continue to "TYPE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME" then you should issue the /warn command. You can also mute them. Someone who randomly goes "YAY" or  "I LOVE THIS SERVER" is fine and there is no need to reprimand them as caps is just a way to show emotions.