News Update For Pixelmon Dark

Watty Director posted Oct 6, 17  -  Community Update

Hey everyone! It's that time of the month again, where we provide you with the latest news across our network! To start off with, we have just launched our new:

Fall Sale

Take advantage of our 25% Off sale across all of our online shops, but hurry! The sale ends on October 12th!

Pixelmon Spark/Dark 1.8.3 Server

We realise that this server has not been kept up to date with the recent versions; the reason being that each subsequent release posed its own problems resulting in frustrating bugs and annoying glitches which we did not want to expose our community to.

However, we are extremely happy to say that we will be updating today the Pixelmon Dark server to the latest release of 2.4x

The server will be updating to the latest version of 2.4x at 7PM EST TODAY.

The Server has Successfully updated and is now running the latest version on Technic!~

We do not envisage a substantial amount of downtime and we expect people to be playing again fairly quickly afterwards.

Therefore, it is recommended that you update your technic modpack versions around 10 minutes before downtime. If you are not using the Technic Modpack and wish to install the mod manually, use this link to download the jar file.

“But what about our….?”

A lot of rumor and panic has been running around the usual rumor mill: “Will we lose our Pokemon?” “Will we lose our items and money?” “...our claims?” Let me be very clear with this update:

We are simply updating to the most recent version. We ARE NOT resetting anything for the time being. With that being said, the server is running on almost 6 months old now and it would not be unprecedented if a future reset was in the pipeline. As for now, it is not and nothing is set in stone, so sit back and enjoy the update!

We are no longer listed as one of the sponsored servers on the Modpack so it’s mega important you guys add us to your server lists as well as let everyone know how to do it! If you aren't sure how, Chickenman525 has very thoughtfully made us a simple guide to show you how to do it here.

It only takes a minute out of your time but it means a lot to us!

What’s new in this update?

Image result for raichu alolan

Loads has changed since the last update!

Over 50 Pokemon have been added, over 20 New Mega Pokemon, and loads of remodelled Pokemon are looking great now! There is plenty of new content to keep you guys intrigued and up to date, and who knows maybe you’ll develop a new meta to beat your fellow trainers with!

(see the full changelog here)

New SideMods for Both Reborn and Dark!

Not only have we updated the Pixelmon mod itself; we have also implemented various new side-mods onto the server that should hopefully enrich the player experience!

DayCare Centre:

That’s right, we have implemented a daycare centre! Simply chuck your useless level 9 magikarp in here and let it grow into a behemoth level uhm...20 one? It works virtually the same as the one in Nintendo games, you pay for how many levels it receives. Also! If you put 2 compatible pokemon at once in it has the opportunity to breed and can do 2 eggs at once! -not bad eh? This service is available to ALL players. No rank restrictions here :)


More Tournaments:

We are implementing a new automated tournament mod On the server and giving it a trial run. It has loads of different specification and different rules to keep it interesting. The plan is to have at least one tournament run every week with big prizes at the end of it. The good thing about this mod it will stop cheaters as an admin can simply enter in the rule parameters and it simply won't allow the player to partake if they do not adhere. More information on how to sign up for these weekly tournaments will soon follow!



A lot of you may have noticed around spawn that there are these weird glowy ring things. Similar to Pokemon Go, these are known as PokeStops. So make sure to visit them everyday to claim your rewards. Different pokestops have different rewards so it’s best to collect them all when you can. We will be adding in A LOT more pokestops to familiar places on the map so you better get hunting!



We are in the process of adding in an entirely new Pokebuilders mod that will enable people to edit their pokemon IV’s /EV’s , Nature, Growth, Stats for Tokens. We are still configuring the mod but it should prove quite useful to certain trainers out there who need to fine tune their pokemon they may of mucked up or for those finding it impossible to find a Adamant whatcha-ma-call-it. We will be putting certain limitations on what you can edit as we do not want it to be too overpowered. More details will follow soon in the next week.


Pokedisguises is (almost) back:

It’s been a while since the false start with the previous pokediguises mod. We have identified the issues with the mod and have sent it to our dev team to help iron out the issues and release a stable patched version soon. We are hoping as soon as a week before we can see the final results. For those of you who do not know what Pokedisguises is -it’s a mod that morphs you completely into a pokemon of your choice (as long as you have the collected the skin for that Pokemon) And you can Fly around as an Articuno making tremendous noise or slither around in the grass like a sneaky Ekans. THis one should be a lot of fun guys. Again, more details to follow further on in the week.

Staff Advancements!

I’m pleased to announce that we have new additions to our staff team as well as a few promotions! Make sure to say hello in game to them and congratulate them on their achievement! In no particular order:

Pixelmon Dark:

Raystriker - Senior-Mod

Its420 - Senior-Mod

Lucahhh - Moderator

Extrema626 - Helper

ImunchU - Helper

CarmelAlpaca Helper

and Quetzui_ Helper

Pixelmon Reborn:

ancientshogun - Moderator

clucknorris - Helper

CrunchMc - Helper

Dayviddd - Helper

Looking Forward…

Without giving too much away, we are close to releasing a new Vanilla server! I wont say what it is, but it rhymes with "fractions" and trust me, it won't be as boring as those stupid math sums!

We have also been in the planning and development stage of a brand new Modded server which we are hoping to implement before Christmas. Speaking of which, Halloween is soon approaching and we are beginning our planning to ensure an action-packed and fun-filled Halloween! There will be events on our servers including massive giveaways of ranks, items, Pokemon, item kits and possibly even the odd shop token now and again. If you want to suggest any event ideas or competitions in anticipation for Halloween, please don’t hesitate to post your idea on the forums. Who knows? Perhaps your event idea will showcase as a special on our event schedule!

That’s about it from our end! We hope you have a lot of fun with these new changes, and we look forward to reporting our progress in our next report.

-TheNode Staff Team

FireKing10789 How to get back on reborn?
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TheNodeMC Fall Sale

Pr3d Owner posted Sep 24, 17


Hurry Now! Sale ends Monday, October 12th.

-TheNode Staff Team

August Community Update

Pr3d Owner posted Aug 15, 17  -  Community Update

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic summer and are gearing up to go back to school! To celebrate this wonderful (or terrible) occasion we are giving you a...

Back to School Sale

Take advantage of our 20% Off sale across all of our online shops, but hurry! The sale ends on September 20th!


New Servers

The last few weeks have been very busy here at TheNode, with the introduction of many new and exciting servers to our network:

Pixelmon Reborn

Introducing Pixelmon Reborn! This brand new modpack can be found on the Technic Launcher and has a great variety of brand new Pokemon including Palkia, Xerneas, Arceus, and more! To join, paste this modpack into your Technic Launcher:

Join at or type /server reborn ingame


A new fun-filled adventure here at TheNode. This is not your average Minecraft survival. Instead of getting free reign over the world, you spawn on your own personal island floating in the void with limited resources and space. Using your Minecraft knowledge and a few setups we have provided you will grow your island to be the best it can be! This server has unique features like upgradeable ore generators, team islands, and more!

Join through the hub at or type /server skyblock ingame

OP Prison

This new server is currently a very rough beta server with a basic structure setup, and we need your help with deciding what features to add or change! Give us your feedback in the comments or on the Prison Forums! This server includes A-Z ranks, prestiges and more!

Join through the hub at or type /server prison ingame


Yup. It’s a box. To AFK in. You gain 1 point for each minute online, and points can be spent at our Points Shop over at for rewards on any of our servers! These rewards will be regularly updated so keep an eye out! You will not be kicked from this server (except upon network reboot) so farm those points all night long while you sleep!

Join using /server afk from any one of our servers!


A new kind of server to TheNode network. No longer are you building by yourself using your golden shovel. Your objective now is to team up with other players and make a town. Will your town survive and thrive in The Ashen or will it perish like so many do daily? With a custom ranking system, jobs to make money, a unique plugin that adds in many modded features and more, this is our most ambitious project to date!

Join at or use /server towny ingame

Let us know your thoughts of these new servers in the comment section below, as your feedback will help make a great experience for yourself and others!


As of this post, we have reach a new all-time record of players online across the network at 285 players! This is an incredible milestone that we never expected to see. Who knows what's next? 300? 500? 1000??? We thank every single one of you for helping us achieve these. We have been hosting special giveaways for each new milestone over at our Discord (, so make sure you join us over there so you don’t miss out!


Website Update

Our wonderful Systems Administrator mrsalogo has given our website a fresh coat of paint and it is not only looking spiffy, but working smoother and more efficient than ever before! Keep an eye on the website, as we add more servers it will continue to change and evolve!


The Future

With our rapid expansions, we are planning to combine some of our website pages in the coming days. This means that all the information you will be looking for regarding Pixelmon, Pixelspark, and Pixelmon Reborn will all be available in one place instead of spread across three pages. We will also eventually be doing this with our vanilla Minecraft 1.12 websites as well (Prison, Towny, Skyblock). We are figuring out how to go about this while still allowing users to see only the information most relevant to them.

We are continuing to look into new servers to expand our arsenal. Let us know below what server you would like to see us look into next!

That’s it for this month’s newsletter. Make sure to keep checking here to keep up to date with all the latest news!

TheNode Staff Team

Good morning everyone!

As a few of you have heard by now, the Pixelmon development team has decided to end development for the mod. So what does that mean for us? Well, not much. The biggest impact to us will be that the server will stay on version 5.1.2. We will continue to provide both our Pixelmon and Pixelspark servers and we plan to do this for years to come! 

The biggest impact on you is you simply won't see anymore new pokemon added to the game unless some voodoo magic is figured out. That also means that our management team will be working tirelessly to add in new features to the servers to continue to provide everyone with an exciting new experience. 

So thank you to everyone who has supported us this far whether it be in voting, purchasing from our shop or just sending us a nice pm. You have helped us get to where we are today and we hope you continue to stick with us as we continue to grow :)!

Click here if you would like to see the end of development announcement on the Pixelmon Mod website

TheNode Staff Team

TheBlueBrad Its pretty sad ;-;

Now Introducing the Brand New Team Aqua and Magma Kits!

Both kits come with items upon purchase, a weekly kit, and a brand new "Aqua" or "Magma" suffix!
You can only buy one so the question is which will you choose? To expand the land with a intense drought? or to expand the sea with a mighty drizzle?

These kits will only be in the shop for a limited time so I'd suggest getting them while you can!

(A big thanks to Demonspawned for the art, if you like his style and want to see more feel free to check out his page!

TheNode Staff Team

Airninja11 $$$$$ The art looks great