Hello fellow Noders, I have some sad news here. :(


After serious discussion and lengthy deliberation We are sad to announce that as of the 21st of March we will be closing the 1.7.10 servers completely. This in turn is due to the dwindling player base and the apparent success of the 1.10 servers skyrocketing!


The 1.7.10 servers have been a staple basis for the NodeMC for the last 2 or so years, and we have all grown and flourished as a community due to it's success. However, as a famous Musician once said: "The Times They Are A Changin'. While it must be a disappointment to all of you 1.7.10 regulars and veterans to see it go. It's important to remember the fun times, the laughs, and amusement we all shared together as a community on the servers.

So what do I do now?


Well of course you are very welcome to join us on 1.10 Pixelmon or Spark. Through the normal Technic launcher modpack. (or for you boffins out there you can simply add the mods to your %appdata% folder etc in the .minecraft folder) The 1.10 servers have new Pokmemon, new experiences, and new opportunities for everyone to explore, with a bustling friendly player community and helpful staff team. -We hope to see you there!

Will anything take it's place?


While we do not have anything set in stone, we have some exciting prospects and loads of ideas that we are seriously looking into to expand the availability and choice for our player base. So watch this space! as we will be hopefully implementing new and exciting additions to the normal Pixelmon experience on the Node!

Hang on, I had donations on the 1.7.10 Server!


We will absolutely and indisputably honor any purchases players have made on the server (that have not already been transferred to 1.10 already.) All that we require is to submit a support ticket to our website, with a description of what you require with the appropriate Paypal receipts attached. Please note that we will not be actioning these Tickets come the close date. However, if you wish to submit it as early as you can will ensure you top place in the queue. As always normal terms and conditions apply.

There we have it people, the end of a legacy. A good legacy at that! So let's take the time to appreciate all the good times on the 1.7.10 servers and continue to persevere and look forward to new and exciting things in the future.

P.S (If anyone is confused, or has any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to send myself (or other staff) a PM on our discord, or alternatively send us a support ticket!)


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Dutchy6 Helper
Dutchy6 @ TheNodeMC Pixelmon
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Valentine's Day Is Finally Upon Us

You know what that means, get out the roses, chocolate and Valentine's Day Cards. Yes Valentine's Day is once again upon us so we have decided to roll out a special

25% off sale Until 19th Of February

in the shop to celebrate this day of Love and Chocolate (mostly the chocolate).

We have also in light of this ocassion released a special Valentine's Day kit which will only be available for a limited period of time so grab it while you can.

The sale shall run until Sunday so make sure to grab your goodies off the shop before then.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Yours Truly

-TheNodeMc Staff Team

News and 15% Flash Sale

Watty Director posted Feb 1, 17

Hello Fellow Noders!

Hello everybody, first things first: we ARE NOT ABANDONING The Legacy 1.7.10 servers. While I understand that with the arrival of the 1.10 servers and their concurrent popularity, veteran legacy players are concerned over the welfare and future of 1.7.10 servers. I can personally assure you that we still have an excellent and committed staff team on Legacy as well as well hearsed and experienced administrator team to ensure its upkeep. As always we are still looking for more people to apply and join our staff team More the merrier!

While obviously due to the nature of Legacy servers well...being..uhm legacy. There will be no more updates in regards to the pixelmon Mod. However, that does not mean we will shy away from various server events and the continuation of development to ensure it’s freshness and playability.

A Big Thanks to our 1.7.10 Angel_Awayuki we have a new initiative on the Forums:

Where we are exploring new ideas from players who may have amazing suggestions and ideas that we could implement on the server.

The current plans (subject to change) for new additions to the legacy servers are as follows:

1) Battle Tower - A massive battle tower spanning over various floor, with all sorts of NPC’s rewarding the player as they progress further through the tower.

2) Build Contests. We are planning to hold a weekly build competition on the server where we will announce a theme, and players have a specified amount of time / blocks to replicate the given theme. Of course there will be loads of prizes to be won!


3) Who’s that pokemon? - as simple as it sounds - every now and again we will hold Pokemon guessing games where a player is randomly selected to play. They are allowed 3 answers and 2 clues to guess the pokemon that they will (hopefully) ultimately win!


4) Races: For Legacy Spark, we have an event called Poke Race where they will be on a riding Pokemon and go through obstacles.


5) Parkour Area: We will be implementing this idea very soon!

New Shop Additions and a 15% Flash Sale


We will still be rolling out new Pokedisguises for everyone over the next few days

We are also looking for new suggestions and additions to the shop. Or perhaps you have an idea to improve a rank, or think of new commands you would find useful.

~The NodeMC Staff Team

After lengthy discussion with Pr3d we have decided to give all Legacy 1.7.10 players a 2 week ultimatium on transferring their purchases over.

What this means: You
must supply a support ticket Before 12:00AM EST 25th Jan,

with all appropriate receipts and proof attached to the ticket. In order for your ticket to be resolved fully we will need to receive all items you claim for on the respective 1.7.10 server where entirely possible.

Please note that these tickets will be placed on low priority in comparison to other major support issues. As long as you have supplied it before the given date it will be resolved.

This transfer is FINAL and cannot be reversed. All normal Terms and Conditions apply and it's up to the server administrators discretion on a case by case basis dependent on the claim.

We reserve the right to deny a support ticket on the basis (but not limited to) insufficient proof, inability to relinquish said items from 1.7.10, general tardiness and hostility. we hope you receive this compromise in good faith and understand we are doing this purely to appease current disatisfaction.


elad100spider i don't get the ditto

Nodeiversary | Happy New Years! | Sale

Pr3d OwnerHAPPY BDAY posted Jan 3, 17
Hey everyone, today I bring the news of some great awesomeness happening here at TheNodeMC. We recently just surpassed 3 years of TheNodeMC being open. We opened up TheNodeMC 3 years ago because we have always enjoyed running a server community. We decided we wanted to provide the best possible experience for the players of minecraft. That is how TheNodeMC came to be. The day we opened was a pretty hilarious day in fact, considering it was Christmas Eve. Everyone had to do things but we had promised we would be open that day so we did. Since then we have grown into the community we have today and we couldn't ask for anything more.
In the past years many things have changed here. We started off with one simple Direwolf server which seemingly exploded overnight. That Direwolf server helped us grow into what we are today as it provided funding and a player base to for us to start expanding our community. Since then we have opened dozens of servers (rip direwolf) in muliple different versions of minecraft. We have had 53,723 users join our website. We have had 728,882 unique site views and we average hundreds of unique site views per day. We have had over 1,000,000 unique players join servers across our network. All of our servers have been in the #1 position at some point in their life time. We have truly made these years into something amazing.
Now that I have gone on about that for a little while lets get down to the part that you were trying to find in this post. Prizes. Throughout the week, the owners, managers, admins, etc will be giving out tons of prizes including things like steam games, store coupons, cool gadgets, Node apparel and who knows what else. We will be hosting events on all servers and offering special promotions that are only available through our anniversary event. We will update this post and when we are doing specific things so keep your eyes on that to get your chance to participate in the awesomeness.
We will also be holding a sale to commemorate this anniversary and celebrate the new year so be sure to take advantage of that!
Happy Nodeiversary,
The Node Staff Team