Nodeiversary | New Years Sale!

Pr3d Owner posted Jan 1, 18
Hey everyone, today I bring the news of some great awesomeness happening here at TheNodeMC. We recently just surpassed 4 years of TheNodeMC being open. We opened up TheNodeMC 4 years ago because we have always enjoyed running a server community. We decided we wanted to provide the best possible experience for the players of minecraft. That is how TheNodeMC came to be. The day we opened was a pretty hilarious day in fact, considering it was Christmas Eve. Everyone had to do things but we had promised we would be open that day so we did. Since then we have grown into the community we have today and we couldn't ask for anything more.
In the past years many things have changed here. We started off with one simple Direwolf server which seemingly exploded overnight. That Direwolf server helped us grow into what we are today as it provided funding and a player base to for us to start expanding our community. Since then we have opened dozens of servers (rip direwolf and pixelspark) in muliple different versions of minecraft. We have had 64,428 users join our website. We have had 918,882 unique site views and we average hundreds of unique site views per day. We have had over 1,500,000 unique players join servers across our network. All of our servers have been in the #1 position at some point in their life time. We have truly made these years into something amazing.
You can expect new exciting minecraft experiences from us in 2018. Some new servers will be new experiences we've never tried before while others will feel like an old friend ;).
Now that I have gone on about that for a little while lets get down to the part that you were trying to find in this post. Prizes. Throughout the week, the owners, managers, admins, etc will be giving out tons of prizes including things like steam games, store coupons, cool gadgets, Node apparel and who knows what else. We will be hosting events on all servers and offering special promotions that are only available through our anniversary event. We will update this post and when we are doing specific things so keep your eyes on that to get your chance to participate in the awesomeness.
We will also be holding a sale to commemorate this anniversary and celebrate the new year so be sure to take advantage of that!
Happy Nodeiversary,
The Node Staff Team

Merry Christmas & HappHolidays!!!

Santa has has paid us a visit and checked his list and decided that the Node community have all been good boys and girls! (Except Mike; he's getting coal)

So we have decided to release a 30% OFF SALE ON ALL ITEMS.

Better Hurry! The Sale ends at 12:00pm 28th of December!


Important note:

You may be wondering why the shop has been split into 2 different categories and different locations. We have been having some issues with the Enjin Shop recently, where it has not been issuing out any purchases. We have decided to move to another avenue called Buycraft. Here you will be able to access all avaliable items the enjin shop would have to offer. Please note however, in order to purchase ranks and upgrade your ranks you will still need to use the Enjin store to do so. Ranks are not avaliable on our new buycraft store. To use: simply lick the drop down arrow on the side nav bar and negotiate your way to the appropriate server of your choice. We are anticipating tha the issues with Enjin resolve itself soon as we have been in contact with the Enjin support team. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. If you require any assistance or are running into trouble please don't hesitate to send in a support ticket here: alternatively, ask us directly on our Discord: 

New Kits!

That's right! We have a plethora of new kits avaliable to The Node community. We are releasing a grand total of 7 new kits!

2 kits will be special edition limited kits. Which will only be around for a short time over the christmas break! make sure to grab yourself a Hohoho! Jolly Santa kit or a Ba-Humbug! Grinch kit. Only one per customer. (a special shoutout to NintendoDragon and demonspawned on providing the awesome art for us to use on the shops! These new kits can be found on our buycraft store:

That's not all! We have also releasead long anticipated Megastone kits! avaliable now on store - Looking for the megastone to get that megaevolution of your favorite Pokemon? look no further as we have them right here! Found in our "item Kits" section on Buycraft.



Be on the lookout for special christmas events happening throughout the Christmas break. There are awesome prizes and rewards to be won. Also join our discord: for unique and exclusive giveaways for our members only. All you need to do is join the discord and you are ready to participate! Be sure to check our forums as your friendly neighbourhood admins have posted a schedule of various events and times (rough schedules subject to change)

And More?

I've heard through the grapevines that there may be another update coming to generations soon. So as usual we will endeavor to update as soon as we can to keep current. Furthermore, a certain person may be releasing something soon for the whole community to enjoy. Think of it as a Christmas pr3dsent hohohoh. I won't ruin the surprise though! ;)

That's about it from our end here. If we don't see you all in game or around; we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a brilliant New Year!

TheNode Staff Team

Weirdorules server tryna cash in on christmas hue
Nintendo_Dragon *Thumbs Up

Limited Edition Ultra Sun & Moon Kits!

Watty Director posted Nov 30, 17

We have released a celebrationary kit for the (newish) release of the Ultra Sun/Moon Pokemon Games. We realise we are a bit late, but we were wanting to get the server updated and reset hence why we had to put this on the back-burner.

You can only purchase one or the Other. So you need to make the hard decision of which one you want in the end. Please note this kit will only be running for 1 week, then it's gone forever. There are unique items in it so you better be quick. Luckily the Sale is still on which means 25% off the kits original price!

Anyway A BIG thank you to EnragementDragon envisaging and creating this kit. 

Ultra Sun Kit:

A weekly redeemable kit consisting of:

30 Rare candies
30 Diamonds
1 Master ball
20 Fast Balls
2 Sun Stones
20 Emeralds
32 Steak
32 Enchantment Bottles
32 Quartz blocks
1 Magmarizer.
1 Flame Orb

Also as a BONUS, we have included the following items with the kit! (one time only)

1 Exp Share
1 Tm 50 Overheat
1 Tm 53 Energy Ball
1 Tm 22 Solar Beam
1 Shiny Key/Random Shiny
1 Shiny Solrock
1 Shiny (and non shiny) Espeon Pokedisguise
1 Shiny (and non shiny) Bellossom Pokedisguise
1 Shiny (and non shiny) Vulpix Pokedisguise
1 Yellow Trainer Hat
1 Red Sash
And $20,000!

You will also receive a unique ULTRASUN tag in game.

Ultra Moon Kit:

A weekly redeemable kit consisting of:

30 Rare candies
30 Diamonds
1 Master ball
20 Moon Balls
2 Moon Stones
20 Emeralds
32 Steak
32 Enchantment Bottles
32 Obsidian blocks
1 Electrilizer
1 Toxic Orb

Also as a BONUS, we have included the following items with the kit! (one time only)

1 Exp Share
1 Tm 19 Telekinesis
1 Tm 04 Calm Mind
1 Tm 30 Shadow Ball
1 Shiny Key/Random Shiny
1 Shiny Lunatone
1 Shiny (and non-shiny) Umbreon Pokedisguise
1 Shiny (and non-shiny)Noctowl Pokedisguise
1 Shiny (and non-shiny) Honchkrow Pokedisguise
1 Navy Trainer Hat
1 Purple Sash
And $20,000!

You will also receive a unique ULTRAMOON Suffix to your name

Look out in the shops very soon for your chance to purchase Pokedisguise keys! and Pokedisguise sets. All coming soon to The Node's Shop. As we all know we are fast approaching Christmas and we will be decorating spawns to be more "Christmassy" So plenty of snow, presents and maybe coal?! (Glizzy will be getting coal because he is a bad boy) Look out around spawn as we will be introducing small fun events on the lead up to Christmas. Not to mention, it looks as though Team Rocket is forming a plan to kidnap Santa Claus! Stay tuned for more information on this event!

Thanks Everyone!


Weirdorules I'd kidnap santa too if i had the chance. Needa get them secrets.

First of all, I would like to start of this News update by wishing everyone (who celebrates it) a Happy Thanksgiving!
It gives us time to ponder upon what lessons we learnt and how we can spread happiness around, to look back at all the great memories and fantastic experiences we have encountered as a community. And look forward to the future and whatever it may bring!

I'm really pleased to announce that we will be releasing a  weekend long Black Friday Sale For the Next 48 Hours!

This will be 30% OFF All Items across the stores on our Network. Look out for further FLASH SALES that will be happening for specific items only. So make sure to check the shop to see if your favorite item set, or your favorite Pokemon comes on sale!

Spark and Pixelmon Reborn? -Now Generations What are we!?

As you all already know back earlier this year the main Pixelmon development team closed their doors and ceased developing the Pixelmon mod officially. 2 New iterations were released. One being Pixelmon Reborn and the other Pixelmon Dark. We decided we wanted to test out both server and ran both versions. While both servers were initially well received it was apparent that Pixelmon Dark was advancing faster. As it transpired, eventually, both the Dark and Reborn Development Teams merged into one now known as Pixelmon Generations.

Where does that leave us?

We are fully aware we are running a dated version of Pixelmon Dark and an obsolete version of Pixelmon Reborn. The main reason for delay was due to us testing the waters and basically observing and holding tight to see which version would prevail. As it transpires it's the best of both worlds! As both teams are now working together. Therefore, after much discussion we have decided the 3 following things in terms of the future of the servers:

1) We will be closing down the Pixelmon Reborn Server permanently.

2) Spark will no longer be running Pixelmon Dark it will be updated to Pixelmon Generations.

3) Spark will be reset (money, items, map, pokemon basically everything!) to make way for the numerous exciting changes the Pixelmon Generations version brings us!

This Will Occur on Saturday the 25th Of November (Time to be confirmed)

But what about My purchases on the Spark/Reborn Server?

As always we will absolutely endeavor to reissue any purchases without any objections. We will be using the Spark server and enjin shop as a basis to automatically reissue the purchases via a simple command. If you are a Reborn player you are absolutely entitled to the equivalent rank, pokemon, money or whatever you have purchased on either Pixelmon Generations or if you wish, you may join the Pixelmon Nations server.
(Please note that this option is only available for Reborn Players and is subject to Admin+ Discretion and normal terms and conditions apply.)

All that we ask of Reborn players is to submit us a support ticket with as much information as possible (including receipts) about your purchases and we will try our hardest to resolve them as quickly as possible! :) you can do so here in anticipation of the server closing- Please bear with us as I'm sure you can imagine there will be quite a number of tickets during this transition!

OK So how do I get onto the New Pixelmon Generations Server?

So obviously if you choose to update now you wont be able to play until tomorrow's server update. You can alternatively, keep playing, until the last minute then update. The choice is entirely yours.

If you use the Technic Launcher simply download the latest version of Pixelmon Generations :

f you wish to update manually you can find the Mod download here: or here:

Again if you guys have any issues with joining or downloading, or just need some general queries answered please don't hesitate to ask us on our Discord:

inal Closing Points.

I know this must be a disappointing revelation for Reborn and Spark players alike. It has been over 6 months since Spark has undergone some kind of reset so it was always looming on the Horizon. We are sorry about the finality of the Reborn server but its future was unforseen and was always a gamble. We really do appreciate ALL players and Staff who tried out the Reborn server and gave us really useful feedback on it -which has helped us hone this new server into something better! Nonetheless, think of it an exciting new adventure, with a new map, new pokemon, new battle mechanics, places to explore, friends to make, rivalrys to be made, Gyms to be battled! And more!

It's an exciting new time for the Node and we want YOU to be part of it!

I look forward to seeing you all after the transition!


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Monglolinhest Yaay, but rip my 340 shinies xD

News Update!

Watty Director posted Oct 25, 17

Ooooh Spooky spooky Skeletons are out to get us, and Zombie Pigmen want to eat our brains! Not to worry, to help you guys celebrate Halloween here on The Node we have launched a frightening 25% off Halloween Sale!


Better be Quick though! The Sale ends on the 3rd of November and the Limited edition Halloween kit will poof into a puff of smoke, never to be seen again! 

w Stuff!

1) Latch

So after a very successful launch of Pixelmon Nations where we reached about 75 people out of 100 on the servers first launch! A wonderful achievement and really encouraging for future development of the server. After listening to our community's reccomendations to improve the server a common issue we heard was that nobody had the ability to secure their items from others in their town. To combat this, we have installed a plugin called 'Latch' which will help everyone to lock their personal chests. Please refer to the guide in game on how to use or simply ask one of our friendly helpers on server!

2) Pokedisguises

That's right! Pokedisguises is back in action and better than ever. before we had test run the pokedisguises and it was a bit jenky at best. After some fine tuning we have honed the plugin to work flawlessly on The servers so players can now have the ability to Leap through the plains as a Stantler or flap around on the ground like a Karp. Currently at the moment the only Pokedisguises avaliable will be in our Halloween kit. However, we are looking to add these into the shop with some few rank exclusives. Let us know what Pokedisguise you would like to see in the donor shops!

3) Pokesashs & Pokehats

We have aslo introduced Pokesashs and Pokehats. These are pretty cool vanity items whcih will soon be avaliable in store. Currently, the Halloween Kit will include the Black Sash and Black Trainer Hat. This will be a kit exclusive so you will never find the black sash or trainer hat in store - all the more reason to get the kit!


We have been really busy over the Last few weeks primarily focusing on Halloween events for everyone. I'm really poleased to say things have been working out nicely and we have officially Opened up our first week long event: "The Node Asylum" This is a combination of battling various tough trainers through a spooky Asylum whilst also keeping an eye out for the Trick or Treat signs to grab yourself some spooky booty! To start your adventure simply do /warp Asylum. Make sure to speak to the NPC's at the beginning so you understand how to proceed and keep an eye out for the trick or treat signs! Good luck my fellow trainers, the final boss is not for the faint of heart.

We have also mocked up a preliminary schedule so you guys know when the events will be running. Whilst not set in stone it will give you a rough idea of what to expect: Please note: these times are preliminary and we may be changing the start times! -(boo school!)

Looking Forward:

Of course Christmas is around the corner, not forgetting Thanksgiving. After Halloween is done and dusted and the skeletons are put back in the closet. We will start looking into making fun events for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With the Release of Pixelmon Generations this month we will certainly look to update the servers to that. We Will keep you in the loop over the next week or so and let you know what is happening in that regard. But for the time being, just enjoy the Halloween events and Don't get too spooked!

That's about it from me a biiiiig thank you to all the staff team who helped develop/ maintain and create all these awesome events and I hope everyone Enjoys the events during this halloween break! 

Happy Hauntings,


Dutchy2002 Whoopz whoopz